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Runaway Air Stairs on Windy Iowa Runway

Don't forget to put chocks down on ground service equipment as well as aircraft. ( Plus d'info...

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Um...that's the ramp
jmilleratp 4
Just don't call it the "tarmac!" I met someone at an airliner show who gets apoplectic when someone says that. :-)
Walter Wilson 2
John, That undoubtedly would be me..;). Yes indeed! Airport surfaces are ramps, aprons, hardstands, taxiways and runways...never a tarmac. Someone please feel free to show me an airport chart that will indicate a direction to the "tarmac".

[This poster has been suspended.]

jmilleratp 3
You can call it any darn thing you want to! :-) Just don't say "tarmac" to that guy I met at the convention this year. It was tough not to laugh at how worked up he got about it!
Walter Wilson 2
Peter and THRUSTT, You are taking John's comments way too seriously. The smile ":)" at the end indicates that it was meant to be taken with triviality. Even though am I quite animated and on a mission to rid the use of the "T"-word, it is more fun than serious, and I tell that to everyone I share with except the media. John was only sharing that I practically go into convulsions when I hear that word as I continue my mission..:).
So what if the uninformed come in here and make mistakes??? Correct them without being high and mighty like you always are!!!
Ray Dahl 3
The official term for the area where aircraft park is in fact, according to the ICAO and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the APRON The FAA’s Surface Movement Guidance and Control System Advisory AC No: 120-57A defines the Apron as “A defined area on an airport intended to accommodate aircraft for purposes of loading or unloading passengers or cargo, refueling, parking, or maintenance.”
Walter Wilson 2
To also add to this ICAO standardization, the FAA has noted for airport operators to remove the word "RAMP" from any NOTAMS, etc.. and replace it with APRON. So "Ramp" will become less used over coming years.
WhiteKnight77 1
There are some of us who still call it all a flight line. ;)
mattdavis 0
Yep you're right. I lazily copied and pasted title from source. Oops.
Dan Mitzel 4
The stairs took out a CRJ - for anyone that's been forced to ride one of those it's no loss.

Props to the stairs.
linbb 3
Some one on the ground crew is looking for another job today. Bad deal as will be well into five figures before its said and done on the AC.
Ray Dahl 3
So, the ramper tries to stop the stairs, unable, then lets the stairs go on to further damage the aircraft?...
CaptainFreedom 2
turn up the sound everyone....the play-by-play is priceless :)

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