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Flight attendant recalls dicey days of early flight in Alaska

The passenger was terrified. On board a winter flight to Kodiak, heavy turbulence relentlessly bounced the DC3 as it made its way through the pitch-black sky, and a young stewardess was out of options. Ellen Wilson had tried everything she could to calm one passenger’s nerves -- to no avail. It was the 1950s, and although commercial aviation was opening transportation options like never before across Alaska, being airborne still frightened some people. ( More...

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Betty O 3
What great stories... I hope she writes them down as a book! I would buy that for sure!
Hey, I've simply loooooved this article!

As a passenger of many a DC-3 flights this brought back great memories that weren't so pleasant at the time bouncing around West Texas and Louisiana :).

Those were great days unless you encountered those horrific thunderstorms at 7000 ft lol.
Susan Edwards 1
This reminds me of travel out of Laredo,TX, via Trans Texas, Aka, "Tree Top Airlines." It was the early 60s and the Laredo terminal was a one room shack propped up on concrete block supports. Each passenger hauled history luggage out to the plane, where the pilot loaded it himself.
We passengers laughed about the fact that we were putting our lives at risk, but I was grateful there was any air service at all that got me out of Laredo back then. At that time there was only one paved street in the whole town!
Susan Edwards 1
I was young and immortal at the time, Betty! FYI: there certainly were some good stories to tell from living at the edge of the world on the Mexican border during that decade. If it weren't for the air base, it would have been like living in a third world country. Haha


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