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Predator drones more likely in civil airspace after successful tests

A Predator B drone has successfully completed tests with so-called sense-and-avoid radar, bringing it a step closer to legal operation in US and international airspace. You may be thinking, "haven't they already operated extensively in places like Iraq?" Yes, but in the US and other nations where skies are packed with traffic, drones are forbidden to operate. The flight test, conducted by Predator manufacturer General Atomics (using a NASA-owned Predator B) consisted of… ( More...

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bentwing60 0
Did ya get the part where GA, the manufacturer used a taxpayer funded aircraft to perform tests to enable GA drones to fly in civil airspace and thus sell more GA drones to spy on thee and me. They make the damn things, why can't they do the trials on their own nickel. And the ultimate beneficiary, that would be the current scary out of control Admin. that seems hell bent for leather to prove George Orwell correct. And since "scripted encounters" don't meet any criteria that I can imagine from my pointy end of the stick I'm not ready for another version of open airspace. I'm just getting used to lasers!


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