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FlightAware provides easy way to track your iPhone pre-order

Once you've got your UPS tracking number and you see a departure scan out of ZhengZhou, you can use this page to easily find the flight track of the airplane that's got your iPhone on it. It won't get the phone to you any quicker, but it'll give you something to watch while you wait. ( Plus d'info...

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bentwing60 3
Too much time on their hands!

Matt West 8
The iWatch should help them handle all that extra time!
And their extra money.
WtfWtf 7
Seriously, the stupid iphone is getting features that have been on other platforms for half a decade, yet the isheep line up around the block still.. I don't get it.
Maxwell Chen 9
Overall user experience matter more than features or specs.
Matt West 5
Yup. While Apple is finally catching up with the larger screen sizes that Samsung has had for years, the competition is now unveiling curved screens. I still remember Steve Jobs stating that no one would want a 7" tablet - how'd that work out for Apple!

And yea! A post that does not involve either aircraft manufacturer!
Kent Thompson 3
IPhone = Something you don't need until you have one, and then you can't live without it once you do. Glad I haven't gotten one yet.
Steven Walter 1
You could say the same thing about a pilot's license, couldn't you? ;-)
Absolutely. That said I would give up my iPhone to keep my ticket. Different strokes. I worked hard to get and maintain my ticket. I paid a dab for for my phone. I gave sweat for my ticket.
WtfWtf 2
sparkie624 1
Always... No Apple Sauce for me unless I get it from a Real and Red Apple!
Chris B 1
Didn't work for me. Shipping notice just came in today origin Harrisburg, PA.
pete480 1
Didn't get a shipping notification email until the day before delivery.

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