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Drunk man boards plane by climbing bag carousel

Lee Jezard, 22, managed to sneak through the baggage carousel, evading security at Birmingham Airport, before walking across the tarmac and onto a Lufthansa plane. He was reportedly only caught after cleaning staff found him asleep in the toilet. Jezard cannot remember how he did it because he was too drunk at the time, a court heard on Wednesday. Read more:… ( Plus d'info...

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steve rogers 11
if he wants to act like baggage , then stick him in cargo , he wont forget that ride !
BaronG58 5
Good point,only downside is he would have to pay a baggage fee. Asking a drunk for money never turns out well. 8-)
CaptainFreedom 7
The capabilities of the drunken buffoon know no boundaries.
Michael Fuquay 7
Being drunk is not a defense. Fines do nothing. Send the guy to jail.
He does it and gets onboard the aircraft and he's drunk. We do it sober and get caught. Really?
Jack Metcalf 1
Ahhh.. Possibly Birmingham in England?!? Now it makes sense. Like most folks after reading about a drunk riding the the luggage carousel I assumed Birmingham Alabama and was wondering what all the shock and surprise was about. I should have realized my error when there was no mention of a shotgun, moonshine and his underage female cousin.
c38clark 1
Leave the silly twit locked up for a couple of weeks He'll remember everything by the
timme he's released. Eh, Mates?
Ric Wernicke 1
When are we going to put the baggage claim behind security? Baggage theft by street thieves would cease and you'd eliminate the ability of street rats to climb through the thin curtain between the public side of the terminal and the ramp.

No one, including the drunks, should be able to board a parked aircraft. The airlines are being stupid by bot having a guard assigned to each aircraft on the ground. The planes are an asset worth hundreds of millions. Not protecting those assets not only exposes the company to economic loss, but potential loss of life from sabotage.
Bernie20910 1
I read the whole story and I'm STILL not sure just which "Birmingham" this took place at, there being more than one place in the world with that name. I believe it's Birmingham, England but not by any means certain about that. I wish newspapers and other media would give more than just a city or town name in their reports. That and, it seems the only thing all the security cameras are good for is figuring out what happened, after the fact. They certainly didn't prevent anything here, now did they?
dhitzigrath 0

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