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FAA has been busy posting Airworthiness Directives since MH370 went missing

A lot of airworthiness directives have been published since 8th March,the day MH370 went missing,maybe just a coincidence or FAA trying to cover any legal loopholes to avoid any criticism for not sharing their information with others.Some have actually been backdated to look like they were there before MH370 went missing,I was looking at these directives 2 days after MH370 went missing and surprise ! surprise ! half of these were not there. ( Plus d'info...

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joel wiley 1
The FAA has been busy posting Airworthiness Directives for well over a half century, and continue to do so regularly. Do you have a point to make? None of the 78 ADs listed in the last 60 days mention the 777; how does this relate to MH370? Can you cite instances of postings that are 'backdated' as you mentioned? Have your read any of the ADs?
Typical, when the light turns on it shines brightly,all creatures come out of hiding even the FAA.
We need to keep the pressure on so they know we are watching them closely, regardless.
The truth hurts,sorry.
Don't shoot the messenger !

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