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Amazing flight home: IT WAS A FORTRESS COMING HOME

They could hear it before they could see it! Not all that unusual in those days as the personnel at Station 131 gathered around the tower and scattered hardstands to await the return of the B-17’s sent out earlier that morning. First comes the far off rumble and drone of the Cyclones. Then a spec on the East Anglia horizon. Soon a small cluster indicating the lead squadron. Finally, the group. ( Plus d'info...

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KauaiGolfer 4
Present, ARMS!
bbabis 2
Honored to even have read the story! Young men doing their job to the utmost and beyond their ability. I too salute the greatest generation.

Anson Galyon 2
What a story. I salute the men of the 8th AF for their bravery.
sparkie624 1
Nice article... I have always admired the B17... I salute those men. I had a friend (passed away now) who flew P51 escort with the B17's over Europe. He had some great stories.
Anson Galyon 1
I had a friend who was co-pilot on B-24's in 8th AF. On his last run, his plane was in mid-air collision with another 24. He spent the rest of the war POW.

He really had some tales to tell.
chalet 1
Speechless, dumbfounded. I salute them all

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