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United offers peek at new gate agent display

In a presentation at the 2013 Morgan Stanley China Industrials Conference, a United presentation included a sneak peak at what is likely to become the new gate agent interface. When in production, it would replace the command line SHARES interface and likely be a huge step forward in many directions. ( Plus d'info...

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Chip Hermes 3
It would be interesting to compare the turn times and on-time rates for gates/agents using the old interface versus the new one.
Daniel Baker 3
The full presentation is available here:
Ben Deneweth 2
That's actually a huge improvement over the previous FastAir system that the sUA agents used and obviously leaps and bounds better than command line and is really industry-leading. It should really improve things at the gate. It sucks that it took so long to become available, but it may end up being worth it.
klimchuk 1
Good example of overbooked flight
Michael Jones 3
Not overbooked, actually - That's a former Continental route, and if I remember correctly, they very rarely oversold because there is such a low chance of no-shows. Israel takes security of flights into/out of their airspace seriously, even requiring screening above and beyond the TSA's (but yet with more respect and dignity than the TSA provides). As I recall, they cut off ticket purchases a couple of days before the flight, and had to submit a list of travelers to the Israeli Government (I was pass flying as a contractor the 2 times I did that round trip IAH-EWR-TLV and I distinctively remember that booking in CO's back-end pass reservation system would not allow pass requests within 24-48 hours of the flight, which I could do with any other travel - even booking an hour before the flight if seats were available).

If you look, the front cabin has 2 available seats, the back cabin is 2 oversold. That means 2 passengers are likely getting upgrades that have not yet been processed.
John Rogers 0
Will the 'new gate agent interface' improve the manners of the United gate agents at IAH and SFO? Friendly they are not.
Torsten Hoff 3
People lose their temper when they are stressed or have to wait -- both gate agents and travelers. A simpler and quicker interface may well result in an improved experience at the gate.
Maybe, but I've seen technology not change stupidity and arrogance.
Alan Tegel 0
And add ORD ... and my favorite ever ... EWR ... I don't know what happened over the last 8 months; however, their slide for poor customer service has grown from bad to worse to OMFG .... So maybe instead of investing in all of the technology which they have shown to be poor at implementing ... they should focus on the common sense approach of selling human services ...

It is sad to see what I have heard the Old United and what I know the Old Continental devolve into the mess that they are ....
james jennings -1
once the airlines have your money, they don't care what happens to you
Probably not!!!

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