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Sioux City SUX, and that's OK

(CNN) -- "We don't really care what the federal government wants to call us," Aran Rush was saying the other afternoon. "We know that we're a good place." Rush is the executive director of the convention and visitors bureau in Sioux City, Iowa, and we were discussing what has happened to the little airport with the big problem. ( Plus d'info...

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pfp217 4
Better than Fukyoka Japan......
Dee Lowry 3
Who cares about the airport designator??!! I commend the men and women, at SUX, who were the first responders of United Flight 232 and what a remarkable job they did! The Crew Members saved so many lives as well as the SUX "Emergency Response Team"! I salute you all!! No need to change your "Airport Designator"! Thank You for a job very well done!
Clam Shell 2
Well, that just ... sux.
Sioux City used to be a major meat packing town behind Chicago. For years, it had just a wonderful aroma to the town. Now of course a lot of the packers closed, yet there is still that wonderful aroma from the rendering plants and other industries.

So the nose knows, it still SUX (not quite as bad as Clinton on the other end of the state, land of 1,000 smells, none of them good!). But I digress, if the shoe fits.
James Gibson 2
Rapid City is KRAP
SUX is a good airport and nice town. There are plenty of other "unfortunate" identifiers. FAT =Fresno Air Terminal, CA for one.

Beverly Rahme 2
I grew up in Sioux City and it was a nice close family town. If we had what they have now, I would never have left. Sioux City, Iowa still rocks in my opinion.
Tom Johnson 2
And if you take an Amtrak train to South Bend, Indiana your bag tag will say SOB.
Chris Donawho 2
Really not much to say here... read the comments on the article. They pretty much wore it

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