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Eclipse Receives Production Certificate for EA550 Final Assembly

Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. (EAI) received today from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) an amended Production Certificate authorizing the final assembly, test, and certification of the new production Eclipse 550 Twin-Engine Jet. In order to earn this amended Production Certificate, EAI demonstrated all assembly, quality, inspection, and flight verification processes required by the FAA. The original Production Certificate (PC) granted to EAI last year allowed Eclipse to manufacture the EA550… ( Plus d'info...

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Brent Staulcup 2
Remember when the skies were going to be full of these things? Fractional ownership for the price of a first class airline ticket. As it turned out, it's just another owner flown entry level jet. Nothing revolutionary in any way. All those whiz bang avionics are now common place. At the end of the day, it doesn't do anything more than a 30 year old Citation I will do. OK, it burns less fuel, but the difference in price buys a lot of gas.
Sym happens all the time, I have seen principals in chapter ... Who owe monies to persons ask them to due work for them under recovery. All the money that was lost when the helicopter schools doors were closed and students had sec mortgages they lost its not right

chalet 1
It is a nice looking plane but the problem is that it has no market: it costs almost $ 3 million, range is not great, seats only 4 to 5 prople in tight quarters and has not potty. For about $ 1.2 to 1.5 mil you can buy a beatifully refurbished B90 that seats 6 to 7, longer range, burns less fuel and has a potty.
symagicmanta 1
I would never again look at an Eclipse. I lost my deposit of $160K on the original Eclipse. From what I know, the same people that went into bankruptcy, reacquired the assets and are now in business again.
preacher1 1
sking100 1
That is not true. Eclipse under its new team has managed to turn the un-finished early version into a very capable and dependable aircraft. In response below to Chalet post, sure a king air 90 will put more people in it but it DOES burn more fuel (the king air) DOES fly slower (by almost half) and DOES not go above most of the bad weather.

Oh yeah. I would love to do that.

I own an Eclipse and believe it was a great investment. The new aircraft is somewhere in the 2.6 range with dual IFMS, synthetic vision, anti skid brakes, auto throttles, etc. show me anything that remotely competes. It is not a plane for everyone, but for those that want what a light jet will do, it is right in the gap. Being owned now in part by Sikorsky, which also owns P&WC the engine mfr, I think success probability is very high. Sorry you lost money in the early business. That was doomed from the start. It's a new day though, and I believe Eclipse time is right and it will be a different outcome.

Of course, one can buy a nice used aircraft that has been upgraded for about half the cost of a used Mustang, or a nice king air.
chalet 1
Yes the B90 is slower but not by much, its total operating costs (fixed and variable) are far more economical considering a refurbished Beech, it goes up to FL300 if necessary, and it is much more spacious thus more confortable in 4-5 hour flights. In short the cost of the proverbial hamburger in more affordable (LOL!!)
preacher1 1
I know one thing; if the eclipse ain't got no potty, I ain't getting on it.LOL
chalet 1
There is a solution near you: go the the AFB PX and pick up the latest hightech "Piddle Pack" and guess what what, good luck (LOL!!). This is why many a wannabe jet jocks never considered becoming a fighter pilot

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