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Who Knew? The Pope Has A Pilot's License

The retirement of Pope Benedict XVI came as a surprise to Catholics around the world, and his retirement ceremony will likely be full of pomp and circumstance, broadcast live around the world. ( Plus d'info...

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AWAAlum 11
What's all this bashing having to do with the topic of the Pope having a pilot's license? You're all way off base. It's inappropriate in SO many ways.
James Hodges 3
Donna, wots inappropriate? The bashing, the license, or both??? The Pope hasn't always been old. A. Pilots license earned early in life is normally valid for that lifetime, at least in the USA. Of course to use it the holder must be "current". I doubt if the Pope has been current for many years because of his age related health, and his job. I am lucky. I am only 80, have no real job, own 3 little airplanes, fly almost daily, and hope to continue until I are at least 100. Vote early and often, as they say in Chicago!!! Jim.
James Hodges 1
Donna, wots inappropriate? The bashing, the license, or both??? The Pope hasn't always been old. A. Pilots license earned early in life is normally valid for that lifetime, at least in the USA. Of course to use it the holder must be "current". I doubt if the Pope has been current for many years because of his age related health, and his job. I am lucky. I am only 80, have no real job, own 3 little airplanes, fly almost daily, and hope to continue until I are at least 100. Vote early and often, as they say in Chicago!!! Jim.
AWAAlum 1
James, if you don't recognize bashing, I can't educate you in a paragraph or two. Sorry.
Bill202 6
Silly me. I thought this was an aviation forum.
patrick austin 2
True very true.Stick to aviation plenty of other forums for personal views
tim mitchell 8
I think it's rather cool
eddyandy 4
Up in the air...closer to God.
Roger Filips 7
Many of the comments on this page are deeply offensive and ignorant. They reflect poorly on the members who otherwise use this forum. Please stop now.
Jarrad Bates 3
Is it just my interpretation or did Chris just come out of the closet here on this forum?
pblasman 3
So he says he's too old to continue being Pope, but yet he still flies helicopters and single engine planes......
AWAAlum 2
I'm not certain, but I think it was reported the retirement is due to his health. However, it didn't say he still flies, just that he has a license to fly but not to drive. I think they were just making an attempt at irony.
Toby Sharp 7
Let him do young Eagle flights after this
josh homer -7
Lol Catholic leaders and kids.....what could go wrong?
I'll admit the thought crossed my mind, but the Pope's off limits...
smsatgnv 2
Ha. My Dad referred to his brother, a minister, as our family's "sky pilot". I guess the Pope trumps my uncle in that regard.
Michael Stokes 2
Gives a whole new meaning to that bumper sticker, "I'd rather be flying." Go in peace, and good tailwinds to you, Benedict.
Ralfie22 2
Ca c'est une surprise! Mais il n'a pas toujours été vieux et Pape, et dans sa jeunesse rien ne l'empêchait de passer une licence de pilote.
Neale Keag 2
He's a pilot.We are all pilots.Remember the Freemasonary of the air.Look after each other
A UFO (United Flying Octogenarians)candidate!
jim garrity 1
Just PLEASE keep this on the Av. focus! Great he can fly, that's all folks!
Fred Heasley 1
I am assuming every one is refering to the Roman Catholic Church as the word Catholic means world wide and there are many other denominations such as Anglican Catholics so please specify who you are writing about
James Hodges 1
Donna, I know bashing well. We have met often. My question was "wots inappropriate". Fly early and often!!! Jim.
AWAAlum 1
The negative and defaming comments about the Pope, religion, the Boy Scouts, etc. They had nothing to do with the posting and showed such a lack of disrespect that I was ashamed for the writers and shocked. And I don't shock easily.
AWAAlum 1
hmm...except I meant "respect" - a lack of respect. (You probably agree because we have the same values - I was born and raised in Chicago.)
James Hodges 1
Donna, I knew you met respect, from the context. My iPad has spiel check, but not word check. Jim.
James Hodges 1
Donna, I agree with you 110%.Jim.
John Hensley 1
Whether your catholic, muslim, jewish or whatever religion, a predator/rapist is exactly that, an individual. It is little wonder there is so much hate in this world. If you have to hate, don't hate the religion hate the individual. I personally would prefer a predator/rapist be placed in jail, too. Let the crime fit the punishment. But don't make a religion the punishment.
James Hodges 1
What a waste of money and resources. Meyer be worse than the coming of our great president!!!
AWAAlum 1
Um - what?
john cook 1
What a bunch of pricks this needs to be SHUT DOWN !
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
For highest level clergy , it makes sense .
Such abilities must be made a precondition for all peers from other religious heads !
Being in space enables better communications with the recipients in the far 'beyond' .
After all what functions are being performed by telescopes in outer space or various space stations ?
No offence meant , to any one or any religion or denomination or any belief !
Scott Campbell -2
What's next a flying nun ....?
Ben Guttery -3
Yep, he's a pilot. Still has his Luftwaffe retirement.
James Hodges -3
He was wholesale, Joe Paternos bosses were retail. No pun intended with the "retail".

[This poster has been suspended.]

hey, easy easy on those cylinders. I happen to be Catholic. We are really nice people once you get to know us.

[This poster has been suspended.]

I'm with you on the freedom Phil, I am the same way, but you don't have to bash another religion like you do!!!

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

matt jensen -4
Far more lives were destroyed by scouting. Most scout troop meetings are held in churches - not just in Catholic.
Brian Bishop 6
Far more? Care to defend that with some actual data? I'm not defending any individual act by an individual pervert, but you guys are awfully quick to pass judgement on entire organizations based on the actions of a relatively infinitesimally small number of people. So if an airline pilot makes unwelcome advances toward a female, that makes "them" (all pilots) perverts too, right?
Chris Donawho -1
Gays are protesting the Scouts, headquartered right here in Dallas, TX. Their issues are nationwide and well-documented, from the instances of child molestation to the organization's openly anti-gay sentiment.

The alter-boy "outbreak" of molestation incidents broke out in just about every country that Catholocism reaches on this planet about a decade ago.

Where were you when all of this was going on? We're you looking for 7-syllable words to downplay a world-wide pandemic of hate?

"Infinitesimally" my ass!
Brian Bishop 3
Where was I? I was talking about how evil people doing evil things should be brought to justice. Just as with Mr Sandusky and his antics. He got what he deserved, but does that make the entire Penn St system evil as well? You're the ones that took an article about one man, who turns out to be a pilot, and turned it into what this discussion has become. There are roughly half a BILLION Catholics in the world, and hundreds of thousands of Boy Scout leaders, so yes, the number among them who are pedophiles is infinitesimally small. If your ass is infinitesimal, that's your problem.
Chris Donawho 1
Make sure you tell your grandkids what a great coach Joe Paterno was too, while you're at it.
Chris Donawho 1
What these two organizations have done to an "infinitesimally small number of people," who happen to reside in just about every country on this planet, is morally indefensible.

But that's ok Brian, keep trying.
Brian Bishop 7
Read my comment again. I said I was not defending any of those acts by any of those people, but you continue to label and entire religion based on the actions of a few. I'm not Catholic btw.
I'm not the one hatin' here. I noticed Phil's original comment that started this whole thing has been removed.
Chris Donawho 4
Oh, the gassing one... yeah, that was over the top.
James Hodges 0
Joe did what he was legally required to. Morally he should have followed up when it was obvious his boss ignored his info!!!Not the first, nor the last scapegoat. Look at Obama. Some try to blame him for the monstrous deficit!!!
Chris Donawho -5
Imagine that.... From an organization that is openly against gays.... Sound familiar?

Screw the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts. All gay-haters who rape little boys. How's that for irony?
john cook 0
if your a man and you rape boys YOUR GAY !!!!!!!!!
AWAAlum 3
Personally, you have my blessing to have non marital sex without a condom as long as it's with yourself so you don't expose an innocent party to the disease you're very likely going to contract.
matt jensen 2
No Phil that's Mormons and Jevovah Witness's who proselytize door to door
Damn Phil, who do you like???
tim mitchell 2
I imagine Phil as being like Walter from the Jeff Dunham shows
Art Turner 3
I think Walter just might be a little bit nicer, Nope rethought that just like walter.
Now you're going to make me have to google Jeff dunham
Chris Donawho 2
Dont bother THRUSTT, he's not that damned funny at all. You've seen one comedic puppeteer, you've seen them

On the Laugh-O-Meter, they pretty much suck balls.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Brian Bishop 7
After a statement like yours above, I don't think anybody cares what you do.
James Hodges -2
Great organizations like The Boy Scouts, because of the scouts sex and age, and The Catholic Church, because of the celibacy rule for their leaders, will attract sex perverts . That is, unfortunately nature at it's worst. It behooves all participants of these, and like organizations to be EXTRA alert, but avoid witch hunting.

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