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11 yr old Flies, Without Passport or Ticket

An 11-year-old English boy who ran away from his mother during a shopping trip headed straight to Manchester airport to catch a flight to, well, anywhere but there. ( More...

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Michael Fuquay 9
"Rome Alone"?
btweston 6
How do you pronounce your last name? Is it funny?
Michael Fuquay 1
It's actually Fuquay (pronounced few-kway). FlightAware cuts it off every time.
Jeremy Kudlick 4
Jeffrey Babey 3
lol...Good one Michael!
Kira Andreola 2
That's a groaner if I ever heard one. lol
Yazoo 8
It's part of a "Catch 22". First this happened in Europe and I do not know all of their regulations and procedures. We complain that the TSA, and other officials, are wasting time and money placing the same procedures/restrictions/requirements on children and seniors as we do to any other traveler. Then we complain when a kid makes it on a plane without being fully vetted and screened. Note, the kid still went through security screening, it was his ticket and ID that was never confirmed. Not really a security issue. He just got a free ride.
Jeremy Kudlick 4
The crew didn't notice they had an extra passenger until halfway to Rome? I thought it was standard procedure to verify headcounts against manifest prior to takeoff. If true, it sounds like a flight attendant or two might need help with their math.
Peter Gordon 2
He appears to have got past two checks, firstly by airport staff who allowed him airside and secondly by handling agent staff who actually let him onto the aircraft. Chances are both thought that he was the son of an adjacent adult and didn't ask for further identification.

The UK does not generally check the passports of outbound passengers although they have the right to.

The gate agent should always check the passport of passengers of only to avoid a fine at the other end. (This only applies because the UK is outside the Schengen area and would not be true for most intra European flights.)

Barrier checks such as LH uses at FRA and at LGW outbound should be foolproof unless of course someone takes someone else's boarding pass or "jump" the gate.

Boarding procedures may be better a picking up passengers who have not boarded than those who have boarded without a BP. (It goes back to the days of baggage reconciliation.)
Larry Toler 1
I was on duty one night at Mildenhall and we had a Reservist Capt jump on a C9 to Prestwick. I just thought he dutied off and went to billeting. I got a call from pax service guy at PIK and found out the guy decided he eas going to catch a ride. He was in pretty deep kimchi and had to take the train back.
jimmy sands 1
oh dear as if uk border services wanted this at the moment someone is in for the high jump,also why on earth didnt jet 2 cabin crew see this boy before it took off
had he kept his mouth shut, he would have not been questioned and would be in rome, or connect to another flight and who knows where he could end up by then. I feel sad for the parents.
Sang Le 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

11-year-old boards plane without passport, boarding card or parents

Liam Corcoran first escaped from his mother, then dodged airport security to nearly pull off the runaway of a lifetime
megavoyager 1
strange thing is, he's retarded too .....
almenae 1
It's happened before and it will happen again. Someone said something about the kid being handicapped? Do tell.
Dee Lowry 1
This is true. The Inflight Crew made their count. The kid was in the "Lav"! This whole situation, started way before he reached the aircraft. Unbelievable! Where is security? Bad call on security!
Jerry Thompson 1
I guess the boy did not have any carry on.
This issue really raises my hackles!!! If an 11 year old British boy can do this, chances don´t seem complicated for a similiarily young suicide bomber to achieve it too. And I do not agree with Yazoo that "this is really not a security issue". What else can you call it?
Liam McManus 1
The boy went through the security search and x-ray procedures in the normal way, mingling with the kids of another family. The error was administrative, not tallying the number of boarding passes with the number of kids. It is an easy mistake to make at a busy time ... schools have just broken up for summer holidays here in Manchester. Not excusing the admin mix-up - that will be investigated. However, to suggest that a "young suicide bomber" could fool the x-ray machines by not having a boarding card is simply not credible. Embarrassing yes, but not a safety issue for other passengers.
Ben Lillie 1
Typical British kid. Although some are quite polite...but when they're not, they're NOT.
Roy Brewer 0
It really is "security theatre". I hope the charade makes people feel better.
Gregory Battis 0
Gregory Battis 2
Matt Molnar 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

No Ticket, No ID: British Boy Sneaks Onto Airline Flight

Three employees are suspended after an 11-year-old boy managed to board a plane without a passport, ticket or boarding pass.


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