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Cocaine smuggling ring at JFK

When federal investigators announced they had broken up a cocaine-trafficking ring, the crime boss was not a member of a Mexican cartel or the Mafia. The ringleader was Victor Bourne, a low-wage baggage handler for American Airlines at Kennedy International Airport. And his associates in the enterprise were other airline employees: baggage handlers and crew chiefs who delivered contraband while they delivered luggage to the baggage-claim area. ( Plus d'info...

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canuck44 0
Just doing the work native Americans won't do...and if it wasn't dope, could it be plastic explosives or similar material?

Naturally increased video surveillance would be considered racist or bigoted or a violation of human rights by the ACLU and other enemies within.
99NY 0
Troll it up!
Jayden Hakunti 0
I am surprised that they could get away with this for a while. I mean, what if he wanted to smuggle onboard weapons? Could he have done so? All this security seems like a big joke when stories like this arise.
99NY 0
Fact is that most of the security is directed at the passengers. Ground workers by and large get screened by their employers, who sign a piece of paper to the TSA saying that they have conducted the requisite background checks, criminial history checks, etc.

Besides, this guy's operation at JFK is childs play when compared to whats coming in on the freight flights and containerships across the harbor at Port Elizabeth and EWR.
pjshield 0
Baggage Handlers aka Ramp Rats have never been known to epitomize the higher levels of honesty and integrity. Often drawn from the dregs of society, these guys did what the dregs of society do, i.e. wanting and getting something for nothing. And they do speak freely about it because they're not smart enough to fear detection.
And that it happened to American Airlines much more so than occurred at other carriers speaks to their lack of in-depth, solid screening prior to employment and to further lack of on-going supervision and surveillance during the ramp rats' work periods. When you hire people with a penchant for illegal activities, it would be wise to keep this in mind with appropriate security measures in place.
phil gibson 0
This activity has been going on for many years.......don't ever think that JFK is the only (Gate) for traffic of contraband.
There is a front door, back door and side door....take your pick.

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