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L1011 Goes On Retirement Flight, Engine Failure forces Emergency Landing

Kudos to the crew, but that ol bird doesn't want to go out yet! (www.avgeekery.com) Plus d'info...

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Yes I see how they butcher these birds at Mojove even the Delta Tristars were in bits they should store some and put them in Museums around America
30west 1
Former TWA jet. Checkout the red "L-1011" on the #2 engine duct which was part of the TWA livery for this old, but great tri-jet.
Steve Cravener 1
No, never with TWA.
30west 1
Steve, you are correct. It is being repainted in TWA colors and I bit on the #2 engine duct paint.
rapidwolve 1
She wasn't a TWA craft but I bet she has great stories from being at Pacfic Southwest, Aero Peru, Worldways Canada, The Flying Hospital and finally Tristar Experience.
zuluzuluzulu 1
They were maintenance pigs but a damn nice ride! One could come in for the night perfectly clean and by first flight in the morning have five write ups during pre-flight checks.
Sometimes, I dreaded the possibility of being assigned a "Tri-Pig" to work on but today I look back fondly upon them.

Funny how time does that.
Steve Cravener 1
The people of Safford AZ would be mighty surprised to find out they are now in New Mexico. I wonder why the author thought the airplane was over New Mexico. Oh well, typical of shoddy aviation reporting.
Todd Baldwin 2
Alternate facts?

btweston 2
It's a conspiracy, man!

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