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Vote on Biden's Pick to Run FAA Delayed

The fate of President Joe Biden's pick to run the Federal Aviation Administration is in doubt. The Senate Commerce Committee indefinitely postponed a scheduled vote on Denver International Airport CEO Phillip Washington, whose nomination has languished since Biden announced his choice July 2022. Major concerns were raised about the nominee's aviation industry experience. ( More...

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Chris Bryant 13
I watched a video of him unable to answer several questions. While I was unable to answer a couple (I'm not a pilot, I don't manage an airport), I knew the answer to most.
But I don't check any boxes, so I guess I can't be the new Administrator.
Roy Thomas 11
The article implies opposition is simply partisan. While the questioning of the nomination seems to be coming from one side it seems that their doubts have merit.
sparkie624 6
How was that guy every a nominee for this Job... He knows less about managing the FAA than an my cat does! I can only imagine what kind of regulations that would come from someone like that. They are nothing but talking heads with nothing meaningful to say!
Larry Toler 0
I pushed and pulled a lot of pallets on USAF, NATO, and CRAF aircraft. I also loose loaded cargo on KC135's. Worked pax service in our MAC/AMC terminals. As a joke I became a flight attendant for Trans States after being laid off from a real job. I kind of like my job now but what the heck, I'll go to DC. 😆
jmilleratp 2
Might be a good idea to actually put somebody who knows something about aviation.
Chris Muncy 2
No mention in the article about the current acting FAA Admin Billy Nolen who would be an excellent Administrator. Link for more info on him and his background:
Joseph Foster 4
This selection for the FAA position should not be confirmed because of a lack of experience and that this position is too critical to have just another political hack put in charge. Lives are at stake and if this person is as incompetent as the Secretary of Transportation who completely botched the Palestine, OH train derailment precipitating the totally flawed response to the toxic waste spill, one can only imagine a similarly unqualified appointee managing something as complicated and with so many lives in the balance as the responsibilities of the FAA. I wholeheartedly vote no to this political endeavor. If such an unqualified person is put in charge, I will cease flying because of the lack of confidence in the FAA and the industry.
Tflys1 2
Lives and qualifications be damn... it's all about wokeness and social justice (Heavy sarcasm)
pjshield 3
Less than 2 years in aviation and Biden wants him to lead the FAA. It's a joke. This is Biden's diversity set to the PETER PRINCIPLE in spades!
EMK69 3
Tester was and has been, very concerned about recent incidents. I would suspect his vote NO given his moderate stand. However, this should not be along partisan lines.... a poorly written one-sided article if you ask should amount to this individual's background and his inability to answer what I consider basic FAA knowledge.
bentwing60 -2
Do we really need another one of these?
Stephen Donnelly -1
I read the headline, then read the blurb up above. Before I went to read the article, my thought was: Republicans also not being happy with his being a minority. Unfortunately my thought was correct!
pjshield -1
Playing politics out of your mama's basement, aren't we?


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