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Air Botswana's Only Embraer E170 Is Grounded By Regulators

On May 25th, Air Bostwana was unable to continue its regional schedules after its only Embraer E-170 aircraft was grounded by the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) and had its Certificate of Airworthiness suspended for safety reasons. ( Plus d'info...

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Brian Chandler 3
What's most surprising about this story isn't that a small African airline is flying and operating unsafely, that's par for the course, but that the country's regulators actually stepped in and did something about it.

The typical SOP for this situation is a bride to look the other way, or at minimum gross incompetence and apathy, choosing to do nothing about the situation.
Brian Chandler 1
bribe*, obviously
Etienne Daniels 1
It is also possible that they did not get any brown envelopes and decided to look for a reason to pressure them to pay bribes. I live in THailand for 30 years now no further comment :)
sparkie624 3
Not surprising.. If they are not safe, they need to be grounded.
Ralph Wigzell 1
Read Air Botswana's statement here
Ralph Wigzell 1
As a matter of interest, Air Botswana has never had a fatal accident during commercial ops and only five incidents are listed on ASN. In 1999 a pilot suffering mental health issues stole one of Air Botswana's ATR 42s and committed suicide destroying two other ATR 42s in the process. The pilot had been grounded for medical reasons.

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