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GE’s Catalyst close to certification as first all-new turboprop engine design in more than 50 years

GE Aviation unit Avio Aero said it has continued to progress toward certifying its new Catalyst turboprop engine, they said it has completed 50 percent of certification testing which involves more than 3,000 hours of combined operations... ( Plus d'info...

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Greg77FA 6
Daniel Griscom 4
> The Catalyst ... has achieved 41,000 feet in an altitude chamber.

Wow. That's about 1/5 sea level air pressure. I can't imagine a system able to maintain that while handling the turbine's output gasses.
Bill Overdue 3
Truly something to look forward to in aviation.
Brian Chandler -6
Interesting. Although it's kind of disappointing to see OEMs continuing to dump millions and billions into fossil fuel R&D and not electric or other green R&D.
Elliot Cannon 4
It's a step in the right direction. Unlike the symbol next to your name.
dcmeigs 7
A 20% improvement in fuel efficiency and corresponding reduction in greenhouse gasses is significantly green.
Peter Fuller 1
Agreed, plus this engine if so certified could likely run on non-fossil synthetic kerosene aka SAF.
Max Jones 1
From the third paragraph in the linked article:
"The engine is also suitable for applications in hybrid-electric or electric transport and can generate more than one megawatt of power."
Anthony Fiti 1
Hopefully they were smart enough to ensure that some of the parts (and gains) could be reused for a electric prop. With all of GEs knowledge of wind turbines you think some of that would cross over to this and other similar designs.

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