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Germanwings shut down as Lufthansa reduces fleet size due to coronavirus

German airline group Lufthansa on Tuesday said it was shutting down its low-cost Germanwings unit and getting rid of dozens of planes to survive the economic impact of the coronavirus on the aviation industry. ( Plus d'info...

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You find this types of pilots in bigger ans smaller Companys. Some companies talk about and work with the Problems, the other ones remain silent. This Pilots who fly since some years know exactly what i mean.
We see in some month how many of the airlines have survived and how may thousands of well qualified pilots stop the career throught unemployment. Good Luck.
Robert Cowling 0
I happened upon the YouTube video about the Germanwings crash where the copilot deliberately flew the plane into the mountains in Switzerland. I can't imagine the fear and panic that was going on when the pilot couldn't get into the cockpit, and people started seeing mountains at their level. Holy crap... And the suicidal ass didn't say a thing... What kind of mind makes a person do that. I also saw the video of the guy that 'stole' the Q400 at SEATAC. He also didn't say anything doe the last 5 minutes, in spite of being very incredibly chatty up until that time. I've had rough times. I just thought that suicide means they won. I'd rather not give people the satisfaction to know that they drove me to 'end it all'.

There is so much pain in the world, and country now. It's sad that so many leaders seem to not give a crap either.
Edward Bardes 2
The worst part is that there were four other confirmed cases of pilot suicide that were either disputed by half of the investigators or received little, if any, media attention.

The same for Air Mozambique flight 470:
More detailed info on Air Mozambique 470:
jmilleratp -7
It should have been shut down the second after that psychotic killed all of those innocent people.

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