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Runaway TAAG 777 rolls into grassy area at Porto Airport, knocking down light pole in the process

Earlier this morning, video was captured showing a TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 777-300ER rolling away from its parked location, into a grassy area at Porto Airport (OPO) in Portugal. (www.gatechecked.com) Plus d'info...

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sharon bias 5
Somebody is going to be looking for a new job.
william baker 3
Opps someone was being a chock head today. Glad nobody was hurt thou but looking at the video why didnt the guys on the tug try to stop it since they were in front. Yes they would have had some damage but would have been safer i think.
rapidwolve 1
"Yes I am freee..free to roam the airport grounds alone........OH crap"
Jetfixr 1
Why was there not a brake rider looks like the towbar broke!
racerxx 1
I'm guessing you just read the headline.
Andy Cruickshank 1
Interested to know if it is standard practice to park with brakes off and chocks or brakes on and chocks.

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Andy Cruickshank 5
I am not trolling with anybody. I asked a reasonable question and your reply is an attack. You make no attempt to answer (maybe you do not know either?) and I await a more reasonable and thoughtful response to help me be better informed.
Highflyer1950 13
Usually brakes are off and nose and main wheels are chocked. Hydraulic pressure will bleed off after a period of time but more important the aircraft will not be able to be repositioned by a tug only. Although in most airlines a cockpit qualified ground staff usually occupies the left seat during towing ops with the APU running to provide brake pressure via the electrically operated Hyd Pumps.
Andy Cruickshank 6
Thank you. That is what I would have thought and your response was comprehensive and polite unlike Linbb above who seemd to delight in being a jerk!. What a sad way to live your life.
You tell him Andy . He's usually an a** at his better times .
Andy Cruickshank 1
Thanks. I am sad for people who go therough life like that. I am a former Brit who has lived in the south for over 40 years and we have a great expression here "Bless his heart". Appropriate I believe
rapidwolve 2
Let me place Andy's question into context you may comprehend. He wants to know if an aircraft, parked as it was, has the brakes left with chocks on the wheels, or do they leave brakes on and chock the wheels also? Highflyer1950 was nice and gave him the rundown on what happens.
HTH that question made no sense to you, boggles the mind!
rapidwolve 1
left off*
Don Quixote -1
Didn't even know this airline existed.
patrick baker -2
no way this aircraft is airworthy. no way i am going to be a passenger on this aircraft. 777's bruise easily, so much has to be checked (by someone qualified to do so), so don't expect to see this bird flying for a few day, minimum
Roger Anderson 1
The flight was eventually cancelled. Not sure what their relief plans are
jim sisti 1
In speed tape we trust. Just grab another roll of it and gob some over that dent, and we are good to go

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