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Boeing reports no orders for second straight month

Boeing reported no new commercial aircraft orders in May. It was the second straight month that Boeing's orders were at a standstill in the face of the 737 Max crisis. ( Plus d'info...

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MSU Sparty 8
Sneaky click the article! Boeing has over 5,000 aircraft on order right now. Their customers are waiting on the Max issue. Fliergerfaust is a very pro Airbus website. IMO Boeing will go through some significant changes but will remain a top aircraft producer for a very long time.
Trav1s 3
It also mentions they had orders at this time last year, where they do not now. The 5000 plane backlog is quite significant however, but does not extinguish the stats from the previous year.
btweston -1
You’re joking, right?
Cansojr 2
Boeing is in serious trouble if they are not getting orders for any of its aircraft. They have to replace the current board for the commercial aircraft division or you will soon see a lot of FOR RENT signs in Renton, WA. They have to turn this mess around soon. Perhaps it's time to rethink the 737 MAX 8, it's slowly killing Boeing.
william baker 1
Second month in a row with no orders. Seems to me that i heard something about Air New Zealand ordering a handful of 787’s in the last month to replace some 777. Did I miss something here???
skylab72 1
fliegerfaust ist nur webratte.

Roger Anderson 1
Copy paste from

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