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A Vietnam Airlines A321neo diverted to Lahore after experiencing engine problems during delivery flight

A Vietnam Airlines A321neo was forced to divert to Lahore after experiencing engine problems during its delivery flight to Hanoi. (www.gatechecked.com) Plus d'info...

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joel wiley 12
"As Boeing and Airbus pressure engine manufacturers to shorten design time frames on new turbofan designs, major brands like Rolls-Royce, GE and Pratt & Whitney have all pushed out subpar engines, resulting in airlines having ground some of their aircraft to deal with premature repairs and design flaws."

Does that sound a bit like Microsoft Windows new releases?
James Simms 4
And Apple software upgrades
Bernie Behling 3
Android 9
rapidwolve 1
What I don't get is...they basically used the CS as an engine testbed with the GTF, so why still having all these issues?
jbqwik 3
Intricate, complex... words barely adequate to describe modern turbine engines. Plus, some things just can not be properly modeled/anticipated. As AS&WT commented, "nine countries can make a nuclear bomb, only two (US and Britain) can make single crystal turbine blades' (paraphrased)
rapidwolve 1
It's the same engine on a bit bigger scale. They discovered the shortcomings with it during testing and delivery. Swiss, Air Baltic and Bombardier have replaced numerous engines on them in the early phases, with same issues the big 1's are having. If the part breaks, figure out why and repair it. P&W was suppose to have this figured out.
racerxx 9
Can't wait for MH370 to downvote this story
william baker 11
Oh MH370 do you see this. An airbus has issues during its delivery flight. See see see. They have just as many issues you Boeing hater.
btweston 5
You guys are deranged.
william baker 0
Thank you
linbb 0
Oh my an airbust that had a problem? Its never happened before.

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bentwing60 8
i see the MH370 myopia is contagious.
James Wilson Jr -2
MH370 had a suicidal Islamic pilot trying to get his share of his 70 virgins as a martyr before the supply ran out.
Greg S 6
Very likely, but we don't really know. I would leave religion out of the equation, the Germanwings pilot wasn't Muslim, was he?
Bruce Atkinson 1
Why does EVERY model of aircraft require a new engine design? Seems pretty silly.
jbqwik 1
"Why"?..?? Efficiencies of power extraction (for the same amount of fuel) is the driver of new design, competition is the driver for multiple suppliers.
Shenghao Han 2
Aww my brand new ride broke down on the way home... will the warranty cover it?
Larry Loffelmacher 1
New plane working the bugs out......
Stop the pressure.Lives are more important than profit for some of the top 1%.
James Wilson Jr -1
Simple yes ? You rush production, you get crap.I guess that the engine manufactories are so afraid of loosing contracts that they no longer have the balls to say "We can't do that in the prescribed time". Then produce a quality product first and then sell it.
joel wiley 1
And then there is RR & the A380....
jbqwik 1
it's not quite so simple. While it's true that engine orders are outpacing production, the real issue is that demand for ever more efficient engines has pushed turbine technology and manufacturing processes into areas of 'the unknown', uncharted territory. There simply is no precedence and only time in operation will the insights of experience unfold.
rapidwolve 2
As mentioned earlier, it isn't the unknown any longer..the CS series has been out 4 yrs now including test flights, yet the same issues are croping up. If it's broken, don't smear honey all over it and consider it fixed.

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