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Bring Wings of Grace to Kansas City

Before you down vote this or delete this from these website nor am I making this political in no means but imagine putting yourself in the shoes of a cancer patient to sick to travel by airline. Imagine if this was your son, daughter, mother, father friend whoever. No matter who you are you are still going to want the best care for them and a little time traveling and more time finding out how to beat this. So before your down vote this do me this one favor clink on the link and read the… (www.graceonwings.org) Plus d'info...

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bentwing60 3
I laud your entreaty and hope that this post will yield the support that causes such as this richly deserve. Your unheralded compassion is a rapidly expiring quality discouraged at every political juncture. My post is not to compete in any way with your goal of another path, but to highlight one that does not toot any horns or solicit donations and that is Corporate Angel Network. They have been around a while and I have done several missions that felt as rewarding to me as it was for the families, real people, that don't own a corporate jet. No need to compete to serve those that need a lifeline. I'm fairly certain there are more than a few that could have used this resource but never heard of it. http://corpangelnetwork.org/home

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