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Winners And Losers As Airbus Bails Out Bombardier's C-Series

Richard Aboulafia: Let’s keep this simple: the winners and the losers in the new Airbus C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership deal. ( Plus d'info...

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rapidwolve 1
Not a bad report until almost at the end..and then it fell off the rails..Boeing and the Commerce Dept had NO point and if anything, Commerce should have been looking at Boeing eons ago...but it is an American sweetheart and you don't want to make a grown baby angry.
As for Trump and his tweet about bringing jobs to Alabama..he was kind of beaten to the Twitter Universe punchline.
Seth Anderson 1
I think this is a fantastically written article. Maybe I haven't educated myself enough on its subject matter to find its errors but I'd love to hear everyone else's opinions on this piece.

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