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Airbus A320, Jet in Tuesday’s Germanwings Crash, Has Strong Safety Record

The Airbus A320, the type of plane that was involved in Tuesday’s crash in the French Alps, is flown by every major U.S. airline and has a strong safety record. More than 6,000 A320 family jets – which include the A319 and the A321 – are in service across the globe.... ( Plus d'info...

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matt jensen 4
A320 family has a good safety record, with just 0.14 fatal accidents per million takeoffs, according to a Boeing safety analysis.
CaptainFreedom 5
Regardless of whether or not you are an Airbus fan, the A320 is one of the best airliners in the sky, from the standpoint of safety, reliability, or efficiency.
Totally agree with Airbus320 safety record and Germanwings incident is a murder/suicide that should not affect the safety record of the aircraft or crew. I personally don't think it should be a blemish on the record of Lufthansa or Germanwings since the deranged sick pilot withheld medical information from his company and faked his behavior in front of his coworkers. His coworkers and other victims never had a chance given his blatant disregard for medical directives by his doctor. The cunningly sick bastard gave no one a chance to help him or themselves.
An A320 is not a Boeing Aircraft...why would Boeing have official quantitative safety records for any Airbus aircraft. the Airbus 319, 320, and 321 are competitors of the Boeing 737 series of aircraft. A320's are fly by wire and heavily computerized which has disgruntled more than a few pilots who find the built in flight parameters to be good under optimal operating conditions but difficult in emergency situations. i.e. Sully Sullenberger fought the aircraft's flight management system all the way into the Hudson River in his successful water landing that saved all passengers on board. Computers make good tools, bad replacements for brains and common sense.
bentwing60 -9
Might give you pause to note who set the standard! As one of my old Beemer drivin buddies says, "where are all of the old Audi's"? I ask, where are all the old Airbuse's? Answer, there ain't none!
matt jensen 3
This is one
You must take into account that not crashed the plane, but the pilot deliberately brought the aircraft to crash. One should not quick to judge aircraft , regardless of whether Airbus or Boeing , if you do not know the background. This points to a lack of judgment !
TWA55 1
Good safety record, until it flies, is that not true of any airplane. B-747 fuel tank explosion, that indicates a safety problem, not pilots or others who caused an accident due to improper procedures. Pretty hard to blame the acrft when human error is involved, so much for safety records.
mht9876 1
Don't fly the Airbus family of jets but what I do fly has an Emergency Decent Mode built into the flight management system. In case of a pressurization failure it will cause the jet to descend as fast as possible (without exceeding design limits) to a preset altitude of 10000 Ft and then cruise at 250 Kts until the crew can reestablish control of the aircraft. If the A320 has a similar system the preset altitude could have been below to tops of the mountains and not giving the crew a chance to regain control and then flew into a mountain. (I'm assuming the crew was incapacitated)
AWAAlum 1
Here I go again, broadcasting my ignorance, but if you were above mountains over 10,000', thatEmergency Decent Mode doesn't sound like it would have a good outcome. Or might you have enough time steer the plane to get away from the peaks?
It doesn't matter in the case of the Germanwings aircraft disaster whether you had an Emergency Descent Mode or not even though the Flight management System actually did work fine to control the rate of descent which prevented an overspeed. The flight system can only warn the pilot of impending danger but cannot fly the plane for him nor would I want it to as that can have its own set of dangers. Charts and competent piloting easily negotiates mountains, buildings and other aircraft using a very reliable set of protocols and procedures. All that being said, if the pilot chooses to ignore warnings, he can find a number of scenarios to create a disaster that will totally destroy the aircraft and kill all souls on board and even do that at very low altitudes and relatively low speeds.
bentwing60 1
Do you happen to fly a C650?
JOhn LEe 0
Photos show no snow on those mountains yet news warns of avalanches. Duh?
mrh400 3
1. I suppose there IS a lot of snow ABOVE the place where the plane crashed: see e.g.

2. the weather Report pronounces new snow.
matt jensen 2
The film and photos are looking down into the mountainsides and valleys. The snow is far above
avalanche covers rocks as well as snow
Paul Thomas 0
I'm no pilot, just a frequent business flyer - but weren't there some of the same Airbus "fly-by-wire" grumblings after AA587, Airbus 300 in Nov 2011 ?
sparkie624 2
Yes, but in that case, the computers did not limit his movements. The limits are based on the speed, but 587 was also in severe wake turbulence and the copilot was fighting it aggressively with opposite inputs which created more than double the load on the surfaces as they were supposed to... There was a letter from Airbus that covered this prior to the accident, but AA never got it to their flight crews. Training was blamed on this one, not the plane.
JOhn LEe -1
who were the pilots? How many in the cockpit? I suspect fowl play.
CaptainFreedom 5
"Fowl" in bird strikes?
sparkie624 -1
Ugh... With no communications, I think this would be human fowl play... At this point HiJack or Pilot Suicide would not be out of the question as there were no communications from the crew... No May Day, No Nothing... The chances of having a total AC & DC failure on this a/c is quite remote... Another option would be CRM as happened in Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 where the NTSB stated that the cause of the accident was:

"the failure of the flight crew to monitor the flight instruments during the final four minutes of flight, and to detect an unexpected descent soon enough to prevent impact with the ground. Preoccupation with a malfunction of the nose landing gear position indicating system distracted the crew's attention from the instruments and allowed the descent to go unnoticed."

Still too early to tell, and with out both black boxes it is going to take a lot of time to figure out.
btweston 5
I don't want to speculate, but I think it has something to do with the Hale-Bopp comet.

Although I could see how they wouldn't notice an eight minute descent averaging 4000 fpm into mountains during the daytime...

Come on, now. Something serious happened here, and it's rather crass to start throwing your own uninformed theories and irrelevant examples around.
AWAAlum 1
Except he was right!
Oh yes, definitely foul play with deliberate change of altitude on the flight management system, deliberate lock of cockpit door, deliberate hiding of medical records and doctors instructions, no communication even though breathing normally, no attempt to respond to warning bells and buzzers, and no response to ATC on many many attempts. He was a sick coward who took 149 lives with him because he couldn't find it in himself to get help
matt jensen 1
Most pilots including me, take care of business and talk later.
sparkie624 3
I agree.. But not even one Oh Carp sound on the CVR... My understanding is there were no voices at all from the captain and or fo
btweston -1
For the record, you consistently provide the most dumb assed comment on this entire site. You are regularly presumptuous, racist, and generally incorrect. Please, just stop. Just stop.
sparkie624 1
We now know for sure why there were no voices on the CVR.... The Captain was not there, and the Co-pilot was preforming other plans. and your comments are not on tract. Check another thread and you will see I was the first to mention pilot suicide, and that is what it was... And for the record, your comment is much more dumb than any I ever made. And your comment having to do with a comet, give me a break...
Helmut and Zelma. Two. You got me on the poultry...
By the magic of statistics, Airbus planes such as A320 and A330 might be safe planes but if you study their accident records, you are afraid to fly them, though ofen no choice. The fatal defects of Airbus planes are the fact that stupid computers without any brain command those planes. Someone calls A320 Nanny plane, pilots' roles are reduced to a nanny, producing many many inexperienced pilots, leading many accidents or near accidents. Just remember 2 famous ones: A320 ended in East River in NYC in which the vary capable pilot saved all passengers, who later said, He liked A320 before the accident but hates it after the accident, as it became very difficult to control the plane as the computer tried to overtake pilots' ooperations, and another exampleis A330 ended in the bottom of the Atlatic Ocean after flying from Brazil, as the pilots not well trained could not control the plane while arguing nose up or nose down. One of the main sales points is to emphasize less pilot training time compared with Boeing planes. Actually when ANA introduced 787, ANA retrained their 777 pilots over 5 weeks, Airbus wanted to advertise that with Airbus, much less training time but it dd not do so. The safest plane is Boeing 777 with no loss of life attributable to the design of 777. MH17 was shot done by Ukranian fight planes and there is one missing probably due to suicidal pilots.

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