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Incident: Aeromexico B787 near Santa Maria on Mar 19th 2015, electrical failure

An Aeromexico Boeing 787-800, registration N964AM performing flight AM-2 from Madrid,SP (Spain) to Mexico City (Mexico), was enroute near the Azores Islands (Portugal) when the crew decided to divert to Santa Maria (Portugal) due to an electrical failure. The aircraft landed safely in Santa Maria. ( More...

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linbb 1
Reading the headlines one would think that the entire system failed.
preacher1 1
Had this not been a 787, while maybe logged, this would not even be a reportable incident. He lost a transponder. Big Deal.
linbb -2
Seems that there is never an Airbus incident on here but someone with a Canadian flag always posts two things that are Boeing related either by them loosing a sale, incident report or something negative to them. Getting almost at times like ads for Airbus. And yes anything that might be a non starter against the 787.
James T 1


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