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The first American-built Airbus

This summer a shipment from Hamburg, Germany, will arrive at the Port of Mobile with large aircraft components. The cargo, two fuselage sections, wings and tail assemblies, will have traveled some 5,000 miles over road, land and sea to make history. They’ll become the first Airbus passenger jet made in America. ( Plus d'info...

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Scott Campbell 5
Time to ditch the DreamLifter and move ?
Sorry Boeing from a passenger comfort perspective - The 19 20 and 21 have you beat.
Only the 57 and up compare in IMHO
btweston 3
Blame Southwest. Boeing has become dependent on their continual investment in mediocrity.
Matt West 2
Don't forget RyanAir. They fly and all 737 fleet and we all know that airline is less than mediocre!
james evans 3
Very interesting articles on aerospace development on gulf coast I-10 corridor
Joe Daniel 1
I added it to my news sight list that I browse.
Excellent!!! Love it
North American jobs and an excellent product
I hope they make 100,000 frames in mobile
Shenghao Han 0
And Boeing goes bankrupt...
Chris B 2
How can this be cheaper way to build aircraft?

Coming too late for the Air Force tanker contract but next time.....
Falconus 2
For the same reason that we outsource our stuff to Mexico - lower wages, fewer required benefits, etc.

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