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Boeing eyes new midsize jet

In the longer term, Mr. Tinseth told a conference hosted by the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading that customer feedback is pushing Boeing to evaluate a new product that fits between today’s single-aisle 737 and larger long-range 787. He said airlines and lessors are interested in a jetliner that can fly about 4,800 nautical miles and is larger than its 180 to 240-seat 757, which the company discontinued a decade ago. ( More...

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wx1996 -1
This link works without Pay Wall
preacher1 4
no it don't
canuck44 1
You didn't miss anything...the paragraph above contains everything in the article which is mostly about the 777. Essentially they could have said there is a place in the market for a small 787 if they want 240 seats.
preacher1 1
Yeah, I found enough on Google that about said the same as above. Really, no news, just PR


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