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Malaysian PM vows to keep up search for MH370, report offers no new clues

A 584-page interim report into the disappearance of the Boeing 777-200ER (BA.N) provided details on how radars had tracked the plane going off course to issues concerning the battery of the flight data recorder's underwater locator beacon. ( More...

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Peter Ashby 1
So both Civil & Military primary radars "spotted" the aircraft making a turn back towards KL. Were they not under an intense phase of uncertainty or alert to justify sending an aircraft to investigate / intercept? I believe it was days later when the Military eventually stated that they had tracked the unknown target and it was deemed not to be hostile! Who said anything about there being a hostile in the area, they were supposed to be making every effort in searching for the missing civil airliner! I smell a cover up, :(
MH370 0


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