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Skydiver Has A Seizure During Free-fall

What starts as a normal and exciting day of adventure and fun, turned into a near death experience for an unsuspecting sky diving student. Free falling at 9,000 feet is a terrible place to have a seizure. ( More...

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That sounds HORRIFYING...glad the guy was rescued by his fellow skydiver-as a guy who has first hand experience of seizures, not me, but my best friend who was Epileptic, watching him have seizures was really scary.
BaronG58 1
I'm thinking being at altitude the lower barometric pressure could have triggered seizure. I heard on news it had been four years since his last seizure. Not a doctor but could be possible?
joel wiley 1
Or maybe the sudden barometric change with the freefall?
It's scary but not THAT big a deal. Parachute rigs are designed with AAD's or "Automatic Activation Devices". Using a barometer the parachute will deploy at a set altitude. If the instructor didn't pull the chute it would've deployed making his chances of survival much greater.
gilgraham 1
Wow. Did anyone notice he nearly came out of his rig? You can see one shoulder out while the chute was deploying between his legs. A friend of mine broke his collar bone while deploying the chute while head down.


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