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Piaggio Makes First Drone Flight Of An Unmanned Catfish

Piaggio has successfully removed the pilot from the Italian aircraft manufacturer's popular twin-engine, turboprop, pusher-type executive transport. The P.180 – affectionately referred to as "the flying catfish" – has been redesigned into an unmanned aircraft for the Italian Air Force, and it's got a new name: the Hammerhead. The new P.1HH HammerHead is a multi-purpose drone powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6-66B turboprop engines designed to perform intelligence,… ( More...

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Jason Feldman 1
When Avantair went out of business it got rid of all those passengers and pilots - so I guess it was only logical to turn the P180 into a drone! LOL
mike SUT 0
Wonder if they can "stealthify" the noise it makes. That's one advantage of a drone flying overhead, you usually don't hear it. I can hear Piaggios coming from miles away
Sam Tilley 2
Agreed. My wife calls me a dork everytime I call out a Piaggio from inside our house...


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