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Gulfstream Breaks Round The World Record With Only One Fuel Stop

Gulfstream's new ultra long-range G650ER set a record while flying around the world in one stop in an ass-numbing flight from New York to China and finally Savannah, Georgia. ( Plus d'info...

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flyink 11
from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world with at most one fuel stop, simply magical
How ass-numbing can it be in a Gulfstream?
David Daugherty 11
Anyone know the flight tracker info for this flight?

How can this be considered around the world if it stayed in the northern hemisphere? At the North or South Pole I can walk around the world in 2 seconds. Dressed VERY warmly of course. ;)
Good point.
pdhoffmann 1
The technical requirement for circumnavigation only requires one to pass through all meridians, be at least 22,858 miles, and have waypoints outside of the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Thus a legitimate circumnavigation can be contained within one hemisphere.

However, this specific example doesn't count because the total distance (as previously pointed out) is less than the requirement and I believe this route was an "over the top" route (breaking the first and third rule in doing so). Still a very impressive flight though. I think will only be submitting the city pairs for an official record.
Scott Campbell 2
The video could almost brings tears :)
Steve Meyers 3
hmmm, marketing sensationalism...

6,939 + 6,572 = 13,511
13,511 / 21,600 = 62.5%

Headline should read "Gulfstream flies 62.5% around the world"...
mfbutzin 3
I'll bet their route didn't even take them thought that much of Georiga avoiding the Atalanta air space all together! CHEATERS!
Total PR sensationalism! Aviation media is either in GulfStream's pocket or they're just ignorant. They did not circumnavigate the globe.
mfbutzin 2
From China to Savannah Ga is not only ass numbing but mind numbing also
Boy, that's great!!
Robert Curley 1
"There isn't another business jet capable of this mission," said Scott Neal. Who would ever ned this mission?
Paul Smith 3
I don't know who would need this mission. Personally, I would fly from New York to Savannah direct!

However, it sure is an impressive display of the range of the aircraft.
Chuck Me 1
The "circumnavigation" is just marketing.

It looks like just the city pairs are being submitted for a record. Record will have nothing to do with circumnavigation.
Chris B 1
This variant is probably aimed at the Military and USCG rather than civilian markets. They really do value the ability to loiter.
blueashflyer 1
They still might make city pair records, but I believe that around the world records require you to cross at least one of the tropic lines (cancer or capricorn).
The other day, the on-board map in the Etihad B777 SFO-AUH showed 8995 miles are we were on approach. :) Wouldn't have minded another couple of hours onboard, more time to sleep and eat.
Quiet an impressive accomplishment, if legit. Who's numbers are being used ? They should be using an independent, FAA approved and recognized service, not the manufactures own information. I agree with David Daugherty, where is the Flight Tracking information ?

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