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Air Austral Set For Two Terrible Teen Boeing 787s

Air Austral (UU, St. Denis de la Réunion) is set to take delivery of a pair of "Terrible Teen" B787-8s the NYC787 blog has reported. ( More...

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...I don't understand the reference.
Torsten Hoff 5
These are early airframes that didn't meet weight and performance goals. Boeing had a difficult time finding a buyer for them and they've been sitting on the tarmac. I'm sure Air Austral got a hefty discount.
preacher1 1
What my question is unless it's a customer thing; They are pretty well ready to go; why are they held back on delivery until later this year and next.
linbb 1
They have to go thru updating and refitting it to customer specs as these were out of customer performance specs as I remember back then following the drama. Also could be due to finance issues. Check the web site all things 787 the fellow who writes it has some insider knowledge not speculation on them.
Torsten Hoff 1
Not just customer spec, but maybe even FAA spec. The Terrible Teens didn't meet airworthyness requirements under the type certificate.
So do you get a rebuilt title on them? Lol
preacher1 1
10-4, tks
joel wiley 0
Perhaps a better term would reference the 'terrible twos' as these seem to be early version 'teething issues' rather than adolescent angst.
linbb 3
Is in reference to there production numbers and the above mentioned problems. They got a good deal on an aircraft that will meet there needs at a much lower outlay.
Over my head too.
HowSwedeitis 2
"The early Dreamliners are known in the industry as the “terrible teens,” a nod to their place in the assembly-line order and the factory woes. The teens weigh more than other 787s due to custom-fitted reinforcements and needed the most work among the more than 60 early Dreamliners that required post-assembly modifications."
Cole Goldberg 3
"Boeing looks to sell off 787 ‘terrible teens’":
Uresh Sheth 2
Here's the link to my blog where I first reported Air Austral's order:
I wonder if one of these was the early test flight that made an emergency landing in Laredo, TX. That was the first issue with battery/fire in the 787.
Ric Wernicke 2
I believe that was caused by an electrical tool left in a contactor box that caused a severe short when dislodged in flight.
linbb 1
I think that one was a Boeing owned AC not a customer unit.


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