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Airbus A400M refuels two F-18 fighters simultaneously

The Airbus A400M new generation airlifter has further proved its credentials as a tanker by successfully demonstrating simultaneous air-to-air refuelling of two F/A-18 fighters. In the course of four flights, the A400M performed 74 contacts and dispensed 27.2 tonnes of fuel to the Spanish Air Force aircraft. Refuelling was conducted at altitudes of 20,000ft – 33,000ft, and airspeeds of 180kt – 300kt – the preferred refuelling envelope for fighters. ( More...

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Wow.. talk about a feature that would have made those at the DoD balk during the KC-X competition...
djames225 -1
And their point is?? The Canadian Polaris CC-150 has done that for a while....


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