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TransAsia Cancels Flights For Pilot Retraining

TransAsia Airways has canceled 90 scheduled flights and is sending all its active ATR pilots for retraining under the scrutiny of Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA), following the fatal crash of an ATR 72-600 last week. ( More...

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preacher1 1
More & more it is headed toward pilot error shutting down the wrong engine. When you have the FDR telling you the alarm was on the right engine and the left was manually shut down, restarted OK but not soon enough, what else is it gonna be. I guess you could say ERROR but it was actually a bad mistake. They apparently realized that mistake by the re-start; it just wasn't soon enough. Altitude works wonders.
As they say in the military " your other right!"
Marcus Pradel 1
What baffles me is that this happened with a check-airmen on the jump seat.
preacher1 3
It don't matter if you got 6 hrs in type or 6000, humans will screw up from time to time and they did here, big time
You're right, once the human is in the picture, a brain fart is possible. Despite all the training and 30,000 hours, it is no guarantee against that fart.
mike SUT 1
Kinda reminds me of that DC9 out of Milwaukie Wi about 15 years ago. CRM? What was the hurry to shut the engine down?
preacher1 1
Don't most of the QRH's for the various carriers show to shut it down to prevent any further damage or causing any other problem? I don't imagine that anybody flying any length of time hasn't lost one some time or other. We were 135/90 but mx chief ingrained it to all of us. I can't remember as in my whole time, I only lost 1 or 2,and that was clear back on the 707, but that was first order of business. May be different on a turboprop.
Kells Moore 1
Procedure is to close the power of the affected engine to idle first just to make sure you have the right engine. Then, once you are sure, shut it down.


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