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Chorus Aviation orders 13 Bombardier Q400s

Chorus Aviation, parent of Jazz Aviation, has finalized its amended capacity purchase agreement (CPA) with Air Canada and placed an order for 13 firm Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft valued at $424 million plus 10 options. ( More...

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wx1996 4
Love the Q400 - much more comfortable and quieter than CRJs for those of us who get to ride coach.
linbb 0
Got my first ride in them going to and from SeaTac was not impressed, very noisy inside with some kind of fan noise. Leg room is none existent on the outside seats and they are not comfortable at all anyway. They do fly and that's about it in my view.
preacher1 3
I got to stand up for them. What you are describing sounds more like an older ATR or SAAP. the Q400 I rode in was sweet compared to my impression of a turboprop.
Tyler Brown 1
Quite possibly you were on an older Q400. The new aircraft are exceeding quiet compared to other turbo prop airframes, and even some turbo fan. The quietest seat in the cabin is advertised as the ones right next to the props.


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