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Emirates Would Buy 100 A380neos, Agrees To Amadeo Sale-Leaseback Deals

Emirates Airline would buy 100 Airbus A380neos if Airbus decided to launch the aircraft, according to airline President Tim Clark. ( Plus d'info...

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preacher1 4
To re-engine and stretch is a simple matter. If they have 100 on the table, I don't see why either
Torsten Hoff 2
I know you have many years of aviation industry experience, but calling the process "simple" greatly downplays the complexity of designing such a massive engine, modifying the largest civilian airframe ever made, retooling, updating the avionics, and recertifying the A380.
preacher1 4
Simple as a whole it isn't by any means but with 100 orders on the table it is not like having to go "clean sheet".
preacher1 1
And for just a bit more on the matter, when it was first broached about a month ago, Airbus themselves pretty much said the same thing. It may be like the 737MAX, Boeing just had to announce it and go to the board later.
preacher1 4
With Emirates being the biggest and about the only customer for the 380 as time goes on, Airbus may not have a say in launching the 380 neo. When somebody works into that position you have all your eggs in one basket. That said, I have pushed for a lower customer base over the years, regardless of the industry. That carries a whole new set of rules and handling with it, one of which is a good partnership arrangement with your customers. I sort of feel like Emirates will want to be a dictator rather than a partner.
canuck44 2
This is a significant gamble for Emirates on two items: the price of oil stays low and Emirates are not bled out by the B-787 and A-350 series capable of bypassing the Gulf airports in comfort and lower seat cost. Personally I would take a non-stop flight from the Eastern USA to Hong Kong or Singapore than USA to Dubai to destination.
Ken McIntyre 1
I was just getting ready to post much the same thought. Emirates needs to be very very careful about this.
Chris B 2
Its a "Neo brainer" to re-engine and launch an updated A380.
patrick baker 1
emerates push to have this airplane will not persuade American trunk carriers or the suropean carriers to also purchase in substantial numbers. Tough call for airbus to play poker both with the market and emerates purchasing power. I would like to read the market analysis for such a plane. What model composition might tim clark be thinking about? Delivery for all 100 may take over ten years, what with certification and design. It may take more than ten years to deliver these whales.
Martin Haisman -1
Still need to sell another 200 plus units to break even. Time to put the white elephant to pasture and just support parts?
preacher1 1
Will they need 300 to break even on a stretch and re-engine?

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