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Flight 8501 had rapid climb speeds

Indonesia AirAsia flight 8501 went missing more than three weeks ago, and the mystery is now being uncovered — with the help of the black boxes. ( More...

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nofossil70 4
STALL Recovery!! When. Was the last time a airline crew recovered from a full stall? Even in a simulator!
preacher1 3
It may have stalled due to that climb rate but I doubt the pilots put it there, yet it appears they will try and hang it on pilot error before it's over with. Until further notice, I call BS!
"the aircraft was climbing, even after air traffic control denied their request."

Bothers me the way that the article characterizes this as disobedient pilots; even if it doesn't directly say that, it certainly implies it. If a good PIC is disobeying an instruction in a critical situation, it probably is because he has run out of good options.

fwiw, 6000 ft/min is 68mph, which is within what a thunderstorm can produce as an updraft (upto 100mph). ( Perhaps those speeds don't translate well at altitude, idk.

If a pilot is fighting thunderstorms and the guys on the ground aren't helping, I hope my PIC will do what needs to be done. Perhaps the pilot can take some of the blame for the routing, but the ATC didn't help the situation and certainly may have further hurt the situation.

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preacher1 1
Well, as about 2 minutes elapsed and the left radar, I'm thinking bad updraft. I don't think he would have arbitrarily went up after being denied climb by ATC. I guess we'll see.
felipe gomez 1
also if this is radar data and not from the air data sensors from the FDR we have to remember that radar can be notoriously inaccurate
preacher1 1
This is primarily the FDR. They are not saying much about the CVR other than the pilot was "awfully busy".
felipe gomez 1
cnn reported that it was based on radar return data
preacher1 1
CBS said it was off the box so idk
MSU Sparty 2
Mary Schiavo is an idiot. Her statements are so out of context. She makes it sound like the pilot was hand flying the airplane. I assure you for the rapid ascent they were managing the auto pilot and trying to decipher what was happening. It is almost impossible to say an aircraft stalled just from radar returns.
rxcw43 1
I wouldn't think the FBW computers would allow such a climb rate as this is probably outside the safe flight envelope. Even if they were in alternate law, it's still doubtful.
felipe gomez 2
i think in alternate ( direct law) there are no envelope protections
preacher1 1
Not sure which one as I never checked on an Airbus, but one of the laws does give you the Airplane, although it may be too late in an upset of some kind. I don't think this climb is anything the pilot would have done. I think his time would have been spent trying to figure out what was happening or realizing that, trying to get out of it.
Is it just me or has the info. stream just suddenly gone silent? We were told a week ago that half the CVR had been read, but nothing since. It seems to me that we are generally informed of the CVR content within a day or two of its recovery. Just wondering if I missed something.
preacher1 1
A blurb every now and then on body and/or fuselage recovery and that is it. It has been clammed plumb up.
felipe gomez 1
Perhaps this another ADIRU fault like qantas 72, I cant imagine another reason for a 6000fpm climb at fl320
tim mitchell 0
Unlike the expert said it wasn't overspeed during the climb; it was the lack of speed to keep air flowing over the wings to keep it airborne...Although it's vertical speed (altitude) rose it's horizontal speed plumetted.
Margeaux K 0
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Indonesia: AirAsia Plane Climbed Like Fighter Jet

Initial speculation about what doomed an AirAsia jet appears to have been on the mark: It climbed way too fast and stalled, reports the BBC. Indonesia's transportation minister told parliament today that Flight 8501 was climbing at 6,000 feet per minute before the engines died, which he quickly put into perspective: "It is not normal to climb like that—it's very rare for commercial planes, which normally climb just 1,000 to 2,000 feet per minute," said Ignasius Jonan. "It can only be done by a fighter jet."


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