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MH370: Grief-stricken wife launches legal action against Boeing over plane crash

The grieving wife of one of the missing passengers on Malaysian Airline flight MH370 has launched legal action against Boeing, believing it was a fault in the plane that caused its crash and disappearance. Danica Weeks waved goodbye with her two young children to her 38-year-old husband Paul Weeks on March 8, 2014, as he headed for a flight to take him to work at a Mongolian mine site. He would board Malaysia Airline flight MH370 in Kuala Lumpur for the next leg of the flight to Beijing. (www.msn.com) Plus d'info...

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sueridge307 4
You take a real hard look into to the evidence surrounding this big aircraft, I personally feel very sad for the loss of lives when this flight disappeared without a trace or should i say maybe they no where it is but did not want people to find the wreak. You cannot cue Boeing as there is insufficient eveidence to prove there was something very wrong with the jet
Torsten Hoff 1
Except that in the case of product liability lawsuits, it doesn't come down to a simple guilty / not guilty verdict, and there is no "beyond a reasonable doubt" requirement. A jury can find the defendant partially responsible, and with large corporations that have deep pockets, that is not uncommon. So plaintiffs sue for huge damages and hope that a sympathetic jury assigns some blame to the defendant even in the absence of any proof, and that they are able to collect a couple of million dollars.
Jeff Phipps 3
An act of desperation by a grieving mother and wife. I feel so bad for all those who lost someone because they had no closure on top of their loss. This lawsuit of course, is also a lost cause. Not only does she not have any evidence supporting her case against Boeing, the 777 has been a very dependable and safe workhorse for airlines.
andrewcarter747b 2
There have being many law suits filed against plane makers some successful in the past years other not so successful but law suits against the airline involved have a high rate of successful out comes. I personally cannot point the finger at the plane maker until there is real hard proof this aircraft type and it's records since new is to blame. Airlines have damaged there reputations from bad air accident's or incident's and found liable and guilty. Make note to all who view these opinions personally or publicly. Plane transponders cannot turn themselves off in flight without the help of human hands it's a proven fact on every plane maker who produces the aircraft and many tests are run on that aircraft before it's even sold off to the new owner.

One other concern surrounding this aircraft why after four years MAS are so interested in finding this jet and it's cargo when the first year or month it went missing they really didn't give a crap about it or did not want to no where it is or new where it is. Lot of factors surround this. But what goes around will come back around in front of the guilty Party

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