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New airport opens in Texas

CONROE, Texas — Chennault Airfield (25TX), which will be the new home of Chennault Aviation Academy, is hosting its grand opening Nov. 16, 2023. The public is invited to the event and to tour the airfield, which is nearly completed with phase one of its development. ( More...

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EMK69 12
Glad to see it.
dcmeigs 5
No run up areas and poorly drawn taxiways. It looks like you access the approach ends by taxiing across the tie down area and ramp or by back-taxiing. The architect needs to set down with a pilot.
gilgraham 2
My thoughts exactly. There must be hangars for 500 aircraft, and only two taxiways for access. (Or is that just a graphic of storage lockers from the architect's library?) What they show will never work. Have you ever tried to taxi down a line of hangars where 1 or 2 aircraft have been pulled out to fly?
Jim Quinn 5
I would think that with hangar space being impossible to find these days, this airfield will be financially successful. Just a guess...
srobak 3
This is likely to pose a problem in the region:

" “The owners of the Chennault Aviation Academy wanted to…create a place for Chinese and American pilots to thrive,” officials said, noting one of the academy owners is of Chinese descent. "
Alex K 2
Yeah,let's not create places for Chinese pilots to thrive in the US, please.
srobak 1
Well, that's not at all the direction I was going with that - but now that you've kicked open that door - are you saying that Chinese student pilots are unable to successfully train at the same flight schools that white, black, Hispanic and other Asian students train at?
Alex K 5
It's not a question of ability. And in case it's not clear, I'm taking about nationality, not ethnicity.
Nunya Bizness 2
As a former flight instructor for Chinese students, I agree with you completely.

It has nothing to do with ability. It all came down to their ability to understand English. Too many of them did not fully comprehend well enough and what a nightmare it was.

Me: Did you perform Pre-flight checks?

Student: Yes, sir!

Me: Then why is the plane still tied down, chocked, and has no fuel?

Student: Yes, Sir!

Me: No! You did not do Pre-flight checks. (Explains and shows pre-flight checklist for the 30th time)

Student: Yes, sir! (Stares at me for several minutes not having a clue whats going on)

Me: I quit….

I wish all the instructors out there the best of luck and I applaud their patience!
zahid major 3
New airports necessary to handle ever increasing airlines/aircraft in the skies and facilitate passengers on already overutilized facility. Addition is always better for improving services, training, job creation and general economic activity. Adding an airport is great jump in developing air travelling as well as area and business activity.
Bayouflier 2
According to the "rendering", there isn't a taxiway to the approach end of 17. You know what they say about "runway behind you".
Randall Howard 1
Back taxi
Bayouflier 2
Yeah that'll work when you have 6 or 7 in the pattern.
Barry Morse 2
Here is a more extensive article with a couple of actual photos:
magnifique, merci pour le nom, rendre hommage a Claire CHENNAUT.
Steven Heckler 1
Good luck CFTA.
Barry Morse 1
I'm a little curious to know where the information in the originally linked article came from. Registration data (FAA form 5010) for the new airfield designator indicates a 3,000 ft x 40 ft runway, not 3,100 x 70. 70 ft would be a lot of unnecessary and expensive concrete for the planned use. It indicates 11 aircraft based at the airfield. I think that might be an aspirational number.

At the moment, training aircraft are not the easiest to come by. Even well-established schools are losing their aircraft when lease renewal time comes up because there is so much demand.

It's a tough business in both bad times and good, so good luck to them.
matt jensen -2
Airstrip, not airport
aknorris 5
What, in your opinion, disqualifies the use of the term "airport" in this scenario?
matt jensen -3
It was a dirt strip prioro for crop dusters - now still one strip, no hangars, no lights and not finished
aknorris 4
Maybe go read the article. Yes, they mention it WAS an airstrip. It is being expanded and updated into a new airport, which is the entire point of the story.

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Larry Toler 12
Why do you say that? It's providing jobs. It's being used to train new pilots. It's not like it's being used for the big scary, gas guzzling, pollution/Chem trail leaving airplanes.
Right - Chinese pilots.
Do your research

[This poster has been suspended.]

Steven Heckler 4
red laser did you laser my plane last night?

[This poster has been suspended.]

Duane Mader 1
Was just in Houston. No stink of “burning oil” in the energy hub of Texas. You probably haven’t even been there, go sit in front of a line of traffic with your Just Stop Oil buddies

[This poster has been suspended.]

aknorris 5
Sounds like you need to get out of Texas ASAP and stay out.
Nooge -4
He should get out of Texas ASAP and go to Cancun

Especially when the grid fails again
aknorris 6
This article has attracted an unusual number of low-value trolls today.


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