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FAA and Boeing Tangle Over Certification as 737 MAX 7, Delivery Pushed to 2024

ARLINGTON —Boeing faces a setback again, with the first delivery of the 737 MAX 7 now pushed to 2024, according to their recent SEC filing. Interestingly, on Wednesday afternoon, the aviation giant saw a 7.7% increase in its stock, buoyed by the Q2 results that surpassed expectations. ( More...

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Jim Allen 25
Sorry, Boeing. You're given a free hand in doing your own regulation, you screw it up royally... blame 2 foreign carriers for poor flying skills and then the truth comes out that you specially removed any mention of MCAS and also told a carrier that wanted to pay for training that it wasn't necessary just to avoid the cost of reimbursing Southwest? Now you're complaining about the FAA holding you up in documentation review? You earned it. I really don't care how many downvotes this gets or Boeing apologists defending the company. It's just another example of engineers being overridden by finance guys at the cost of human lives.
Silent Bob 4
Well the one that actually crashed, the -8 is out there flying around unimpeded. Explain that logic to me? In fact I believe the FAA admin at the time flew the -7 as part of the return to service validation of the -8. So arbitrarily holding up the 7 for "paperwork issues" seems to be more about the FAA saving face and penalizing Boeing than actually promoting safety. I'm obviously not saying Boeing is innocent in any way, but the airplane either conforms to the certification standards or it doesn't. To keep delaying it unnecessarily over documentation just seems petty.
bentwing60 1
Shades of early RVSM LOA's for part 91, 135 operators and the battle for the privilege for a Lear driver to get to 450'.
linbb 0
And then there is the problem with launching an aircraft which had a control problem inbound without a flight test after not finding the problem. That was on the airline not Boeing also another little known problem is Airbus had the same problem with one on of there AC also, computer programing and that cost lives but never was grounded and should have been.
Jim Allen 9
Some of those errors can fly but some can't. Everyone airline seems to want to cheap out on maintenance. How about maybe since you (the airline industry) got a bailout - you take that opportunity to perform PM on ALL of your aircraft instead of doing stock buybacks? I'm not singling out Boeing over Airbus, believe me. I'm pointing out any organization (especially NASA) where they let management overrule engineers. Yes, I'll grant that engineers will tend to err on the side of caution and management does sometimes need to override their decisions. But there needs to be a damn good reason to. Look at Challenger, they made a go decision because Regan had a press conference scheduled. Boeing didn't want to pay Southwest so they came up with a more and more elaborate set of lies and misinformation to intentionally cover up what should've been a day in the simulator and some changed procedures. To top it off, they alluded to the lack of skills on the foreign carriers parts when the planes crashed. Just plain evil.
Colin Seftel 2
"Airbus had the same problem" If you are referring to China Airlines 140, the difference is that Airbus had previously identified the problem and advised airlines to modify the air flight system so it would fully disengage the autopilot "when certain manual controls input is applied on the control wheel in GO-AROUND mode", which would have included the yoke-forward movement the pilots made on this accident flight. The accident aircraft was scheduled to only receive the update the next time it required a more substantial service break, because China Airlines judged that the modifications were not urgent. These factors were deemed contributing incidents to the crash, after the primary failure of the pilots to take control of the situation once it began. (Source: Wikipedia)
Aviation news about Boeing has been mostly negative of late. On the other hand Airbus news is mostly positive. It’s no longer a trend it reflects the total incompetence at the top of the food chain at Boeing.
Every program is a mess and a disappointment to their customers.
Either fix it or sell it!
Stephen Leftly 5
All totally predictable when they moved "headquarters" away from where the engineers work....

All so that the CEO could live in his home city.

You can't do good engineering when you are surrounded by bean counters and advertising people.

Once senior management is isolated from what makes the company tick trouble soon follows. This is not unique to Boeing.
srobak 2
This. I have lost track of how many times I have seen this happen to companies of all shapes, types and sizes. IT companies, aviation companies, retail grocery, restaurant, engineering firms, paper products - you name it. Hell - it doesn't even have to incorporate a move to a different city - but even just isolating the different teams on different floors or different buildings. Once proper interaction and representation gets cut - it always ends disastrously.
Jim Allen 5
Shareholders apparently don’t agree. Then again, I think it’s a long time since shareholders really cared about management because they can move in and out of positions so quickly. Long term to them is next quarter.
fred wyse 5
They should make the Front Office at Boeing make all of the death notification calls to each and every family member (aka: victims). This way they can practice their sincere apology technique and add it to their ISO 9000 training manual. It is a good skill to have when you retain the same management that created the problem. But try to rob a 7-11 store down the street in Chicago and run with the $83 in cash...and you you will get 7 to 10 years (rent free) and a big strong roommate to share your story with..
srobak 2
They don't prosecute crimes like that in Chicago.
avionik99 1
But try to rob a 7-11 store down the street in Chicago and run with the $83 in cash...and you you will get 7 to 10 years (rent free) and a big strong roommate to share your story with..

Your joking right? Stores in big cities are shutting down because liberal laws have allowed stealing up to $1,000 and its no more punishment than a jay walking ticket!
Stephen Leftly 1
Nice propaganda : it is a pity it is not true.

All physical retail is in a tailspin. Big city, suburban malls, rural retail etc. all are in trouble. Retail real estate ditto.

For better or worse, the Internet, led by Amazon, is killing physical retailing.

srobak 1
Yep. The 3rd worst thing to have ever happened to the Internet was to allow Amazon to expand their product reach. Nobody paid attention to the writing on the wall when they were just selling books - and they put book stores out of business left and right - both mom & pop and national chains. They single-handedly all but killed an entire foundtational industry - and made the entire country more dumb and more entitled in the process - all of which has had an immeasurable impact on all of society. Talk about a crime against humanity.

The only positive thing that came from that was that Walmart got a taste of their own medicine. It is inexcusable what they did to the foundational department stores and specialty store malls. That should have been the first indicator that things were heading in the wrong direction.
Elaine Welzel 0
VERY interesting…


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