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Deadheading Pilot Stepped in After On-Duty Air Canada Pilot Incapacitated

In an extraordinary incident, the safe landing of an Air Canada commercial jet airliner was attributed to an off-duty pilot, who swiftly stepped in after one of the on-duty pilots was rendered incapacitated mid-flight. ( More...

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Rick D 69
Actually, the other pilot would have been able to complete the flight by her/him self. The off duty pilot who stepped in assisted and reduced the work load. The way the story is written suggests that without the off duty pilot the flight was doomed.
Bradly Paterson 15
Agreed, I am sure the other pilot appreciated the assist though.
Dale Ballok 14
Typical of a story being exaggerated to allegedly make it more interesting.
Dan Chiasson 9
Yet another article fluffed up to attract eyeballs. YAWN.
Alan Glover 8
No, I appreciate the story.

Of course there are always two pilots for just such an occasion but it must have been cool for the deadheader and a relief for the crew, ATC and the airline....Not to mention the insurance company. :)
Dan Chiasson 3
Canada is significantly less litigious so am not sure how excited the ambulance chasers would be in Canada. Unless, of course, there were American citizens on board.
Peter Fuller 3
A report by the Aviation Herald says that the flight continued for 90 minutes to its original destination, after the deadheading pilot stepped in to assist. Without the off duty pilot available, the remaining fully capable pilot might well have landed at a closer alternate.
Dan Chiasson 3
Anybody interested in less fluff/sensationalism (this site as an example) and more substance may want to follow Simon's site (AV Herald)
stuart landau 1
I agree 100 percent. People who write these stories don't realize the reality or know about commercial aviation. I am sure that it was helpful to have help to move the First Officer and to help with the workload, but an act of heroism isn't exactly what occurred.
If one pilot couldn't handle the aircraft, then there always should be a backup pilot, back in the cabin. Maybe he or she also could be armed, just in case.
Dan Chiasson 2
Was with you till the last sentence. As far as I know, there are no arms allowed on any commercial aircraft other than in the cargo hold. Little need as opposed to the US.
Bandrunner 1
And the dog. Don't forget about the dog.
The unexpected happens and it happens... unexpectedly. What would have happened if there had not been another airline pilot deadheading and if airlines adopt a single pilot flight system? I'm not a fan of the concept of a single pilot in an airliner for this very reason.
Robert Black 10
I agree, and I won't fly with an airline that implements that foolish policy.
Doug Parker 4
Airlines that implement the policy won't fly for too long, either.
Alan Glover 0
If you want to fly you may not have a choice.
David Lee -2
Can you share the names of any major or regional airlines that have a policy of single driver?
Andrew Schmidt 7
I think the point is that this proposal has been circulating for several years, and it should be nipped in the bud. Maybe not now, but in the future? Back in 2018, Sully said "“Having only one pilot in a commercial aircraft flies in the face of evidence and logic. One way we have made commercial aviation ultra safe is by having two fully-qualified and experienced pilots in every cockpit,”"
Rob Palmer 5
And also the king of the Netherlands, Willem, regularly flies as copilot on local KLM flights. In my estimation he is a neat royal for doing this, as compared to others. Further it gives the Dutch Royal Family a handle on the current state of aviation and equipment safety for their personal transport, and he can take an overview of air safety in Holland, and he has the authority to change things. Let's not do King Willem out of a job! Yes, I do have a bias; I have Dutch ancestry, too.
The point is the airlines want to move to this as new aircraft are designed. You can bet remote piloting is on their wish list also.
Sure ,
And then they will say it’s okay for a remote pilot to fly several flights at once.
Andy Whitehead 2
Small air carrier Capeair has single piloted planes.
arfadaily 9
It probably wouldn't have made a jot of difference to the outcome as was also suggested by Rick D. The captain - note it was the first officer who fell ill - would have carried on with a higher workload, and got off at the end a bit more stressed than usual, and in need of a beer ... I too am not a fan of single driver commercial aircraft, but I agree with others. It's written to make it look like it was a disaster narrowly averted ...
mlevine 15
Maybe he had the fish for dinner?
murray murray 6
they could have called on Otto ?
Bandrunner 1
George, isn't it?
Rick D 2
Runway Zero-Eight. Haven't heard a reference to that Arthur Hailey novel in a long time.
dkenna 1
That’s right; the deadheading pilot had the lasagna.

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AWAAlum 8
You need to set down off your soap box. You've already made your point.
royalbfh 5
so if the co pilot had remained conscious and landed the airplane he would have been a hero? media...... SMH
hal pushpak 5
Woo, I'd have been happy to be Truckin' in that A220 cockpit. [Sorry, Deadhead reference :) ]
godutch 11
Not extraordinarily heroic at all. He probably had the ability and certifications to step in. No big deal.

Now, if he were a Cessna 172 pilot by himself, THAT is a big deal.
ko25701 4
Sure, the other pilot could have flown on solo....but what if both pilots ate the same thing or were exposed to the same incapacitating illness?
FAA regulations prohibit cockpit crew from eating the same meals.
WNSlamDunk1 3
This happened in Canada - the FAA (USA) has no authority. Are the Canadian reg's. the same? I dunno.
Mike G 1
But maybe they were drinking out of the same bottle.
Misleading story. Off-duty pilot would have handled radio calls and monitored instruments. The flying pilot could have had the same thing accomplished by himself; just under more stressful circumstances.
avionik99 6
Wait what? The aircraft still had a fully functioning pilot to fly the jet? What's the big deal then, as many airlines want a single pilot system anyway?
Not correct.
Matt Knighton 3
Regardless of various scenarios, we can always be thankful for people who step up to the plate and lend a hand.
Deb Severson 5
Whew, what a relief! When I glanced at the title while making coffee this morning I read it as decapitated.
as an off duty or deadheading pilot,i think he was not being "heroic",but rather doing what any other crew member might do in that situation..airline "folks" are like family to one another,and i might add,you know the old story line about an airliner in trouble and a f/a asks if anyone knows how to fly a plane,or in the case of a medical emergency,"is there a doctor on board"???
Typical media story. Big on invented drama nil on facts.
Brian Freeman 2
Can you say "hyperbole??" Would you expect an off-duty pilot to just sit in his seat while this situation unfolds??
AWAAlum 2
I understand and agree with all of the accolades piled atop the deadheading pilot. But let's be realistic...if any deadheading pilot, finding himself/herself in similar circumstance didn't step in, that would be a pretty poor decision since he'd essentially be agreeing to go down with the plane.
David Beattie 2
Another young pilot falls ill! So much for all the “old pilot” bashing.
Silent Bob 2
I didn't see the age of the pilot(s) mentioned anywhere in the article...
Poorly written and over dramatized.
Deb Severson 1
I glanced at the title and noticed two words (speed reading) Deadheading & Decapitated. Excellent click bait. It was a relief to see it was actually incapacitated. Whew!
Ronald Berry 1
Soon we will have planes that are like Wymo. No humans needed to fly at all.
Lowly Jimson 1
Thanks to industry interest and push, airliner single pilot staffing is on the horizon. Don't think it's a good idea?? Write AND Vote!!
It doesn't seem to be an extraordinary incident. It just happened a month or two ago on a Southwest Flight out of Vegas to Columbus Ohio.

The legacy of the clot shots pushed by the FAA in violation of their own rules.

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wayne holder 3
Possible....worth tracking to see if there's a correlation, as we know there are side effects
That data point has been conveniently left out of the FAAs new pilot incapacitation tracking system.
1mooneymite 5
It would be interesting to know the jab status. There seems to be a conspiracy of silence to never tie jab status to all these celebrity (and pilot) deaths/incapacitations.

Give us the facts/unbiased statistics. We can draw our own conclusions.

Peter Fuller 2
Even with such supposed facts/unbiased statistics, correlation does not equal causation.
Nooge 1

Everything is a conspiracy
Nooge 1

Everything is a conspiracy
WNSlamDunk1 1
BINGO-Spot On! Please consider:

N611VG Was N0T a loss of Pressurization
Andy Whitehead 1
Interesting video, Thanks!
John Prukop -5
Brought to you by Pfizer. They're making billions on jabs and boosters, while pilots and other people are incapacitated, disabled or die at an early age.
lfilipov747 0
Most likely. I have a friend who works for an airline here and he says this has happened way more often than most people hear about, since the jab was mandated.
More stupid comments based on nothing. Just saying
Dave K 3
Thanks for contributing nothing in your stupid comment. Go get yourself another booster. The lines are probably shorter now.
Nooge -3
Thanks for contributing nothing in your stupid comment. Go get yourself some Ivermectin and Bleach. The lines are probably shorter now.
Rick Amerson 0
Does Air Canada require it to work there? That would support your theory that experimental medication could have caused the problem.
Steve Horn 0
Right. You know nothing about the pilot or what happened to him but you toss this BS out. You anti vac folks are odd.
gregory kostas 0
Headline - another sheep taken out by Pfizer.
There sure are a lot of incapacitated pilots since 2020.
Paula McClean -6
The vaxx status is kept under wraps. I believe all of American AA pilot / flight problems in US are vaxx related but they stay silent. We deserve to know the truth. I will not fly American AA.
Dan Chiasson 7
You may want to talk to a professional. There is help.
Alan Glover 2
He's not wrong about "climate" change.

As far as seeking help is concerned, actively search for that which you disavow and formulate a rebuttal that does not include a personal attack, regurgitation of the narrative or a "feeling".

For instance, are there sufficient trees on the planet to deal with the CO2 extant?

It's interesting and points out the fervour of the quasi-religion that is "climate" change, a completely natural phenomenon.

Read Alex Stein. Even he says humans have an effect on the climate but insignificant and like the covid mandates utterly counter-productive to the interests of human beings.
John Prukop -3
If YOU took the jabs, you may want to invest time into how to DETOX yourself, otherwise, you're a flying accident waiting for your final moments.
John Prukop -3

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Alan Glover 9
Medical experts (like politicians, engineers,etc) disagree on many things the vaxx and especially the mandates and lockdowns being only two.

When only one opinion is allowed (or more accurately, others are suppressed), it is natural that unquestioning people will believe everything else is a "conspiracy".

There is always nuance but I believe it is true that regardless the topic, it is always the people who want to silence another view that are wrong...and IN the wrong.
Gloria Johns 1
You were being facetious, I think.
John Prukop -7
Yet ANOTHER medically incapacitated pilot. How many more do we have to read about until the FAA wakes UP? Isn't it about time the FAA put a STOP to allowing pilots being jabbed with a poisonous material? I'm not show-boating because this is so serious. ANYONE who is flying an airplane with a current medical certificate or basic med - and who has taken ANY of the poisonous jabs - should immediately ground themeselves. Myocarditis, blood clots, and other medical anomalies HAVE been happening to many people who have taken the jabs and the boosters and many have died or been incapacitated. Time to stop this insanity. Do some research. Start with this:
Nooge 1
The first clue to not take a cult member seriously is his WRITING like THIS

The medical term is deadhead..... which leads to the the inability to digest data


More Than 12.7 Billion Shots
Given: Covid-19 Tracker
In the US, 613 million doses have been administered
Updated: October 6, 2022 at 12:16 PM CDT

Over a year into the biggest vaccination campaign in history, more than 12.7 billion doses have been administered across 184 countries, according to data collected by Bloomberg. The latest rate was roughly 7.07 million doses a day.

In the US, 613 million doses have been given so far. During the last week, shots were administered at an average rate of 30,866 doses a day.
Government data says inflation is at 4% too.
gregory kostas -1
You are 100% right. COVID was a scam . As a nurse I figured it out in March of 2020 when not a single patient I had died or even got remotely sick when they supposedly had it. And I work with unhealthy humans , many homeless. COVID vaccine is a bio weapon meant to depopulate the earth. Anyone not believing this needs to wake up and start paying attention to what is being said. They tell us their plans every year at Davos 🤣
Nooge 0
COVID was a Scam
Polio was a Scam
Bubonic Plague is a scam
Masks are a scam
Seat belts are a scam

Inflation is a scam
David Purtz -2
To quote the article: "the first officer succumbed to incapacitation". Is that a new disease, did he die, or just poop his breezers? I'm guessing the author is French Canadian.
Dale Ballok 5
I don’t think the phraseology used really matters. Point is he wasn’t able to function!

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Nooge 9
I have bad news ...there is no vaccine for stupid
John Prukop -1
lfilipov747 1
John Prukop -1
You're most likely 100% accurate.


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