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US allocates around $1bn to improve airport infrastructure

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced nearly $1bn in funding for 99 airports across the country. These funds will be provided by President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The aim is to help US airports cope with increasing traffic, which is expected to reach or surpass pre-pandemic levels this year. ( More...

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Tyler Tanner 7
Our airports need this funding. Glad to see it push through.
$1billion that’s all? Are we supposed to be impressed by the government’s generosity in up grading our airports?
patrick baker 6
an unreasonable dollar figure to spend on unspecified improvement, years overdue, and when all is spent and improvements are in place, then much more will need to be done.
josh homer -1
Cries in Interstate 35
Valerie Scott 1
it's about time...
bobinson66 1
Please do Miami International first. they have more payphones than water bottle filling stations. They seem proud to have a kiosk to recharge your phone while the modern airports have charging at almost every seat.

Nice they rolled this out right when they're done upgrading Laguardia. Laguardia's new slogan is literally "It's no longer a hellscape".
Brian Freeman 0
Even I could be a Democrat president - all you do is write checks without making decisions. Easy peasy.
k1121j 0
So does the government provide money to privately owned for profit airports and do they have to pay it back?
linbb 4
Best I know is they do not for private just public ones. They have to be open for everyone to use.
bentwing60 3
Here is the program originally intended to fund such and as usual, in some cases has been misappropriated or the covenants not enforced over the years,
Jon Schwartz -2
The more you centralize authority and bureaucratize it, The more it costs you to do less and less. -m. Friedman
Valerie Scott 0
Jon Schwartz 0
you are correct..How would you know...Truth is suppressed by those Marxist professors who taught us..
D Rotten -5
Riiiiiight! This is just MORE MONEY LAUNDERING! (so-called 'aid' to the Ukraine, also money laundering).
Harry Venison 0
You must have pipe bomber MTG posters all over your house that you surround with candles and worship everyday. Keep lapping up that kool-aid, there there, good cult follower.


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