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Spirit Airlines flight to Cancun makes precautionary landing after 'multiple lightning strikes'

A Spirit Airlines flight heading to Cancun turned back and made an precautionary landing shortly following takeoff Friday morning after the crew reported "multiple lightning strikes," according to the Federal Aviation Association. Spirit Airlines Flight 2214 returned to Philadelphia International Airport at around 11 a.m. local time "out of an abundance of caution," Spirit Airlines spokesperson Tommy Fletcher told USA TODAY. ( More...

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patrick baker 4
i have been the recipient of lightning strike, and i couldn't get on the ground, safely, fast enough, if for no other reason than changing my underwear. Nature is way stronger than we humans, and is not above demonstrating that from time to time. The airliner is insulated from lightning strikes, and it also has lots of sensitive electronics, and it is not an act of cowardice, but common sense to land and have the mechanics look the aircraft over.
siriusloon 2
sparkie624 1
They made the right choice... They may have wasted a lot of Fuel, but it is better to waste all that extra fuel than to Waste a Plane and lots of Lives! When in doubt, take the safest route. MGMT may not like the decision, but it was not management decision while the aircraft is in the air.


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