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Watch: Volocopter’s New 4-Passenger eVTOL Takes Its Maiden Flight

Volocopter isn’t focusing all its attention on one eVTOL; it’s spreading it around. Less than two months after the VoloCity completed its maiden flight, the German air taxi start-up announced that another prototype, the VoloConnect, did the same in May. The eVTOL’s first flight means the company has now distinct aircrafts currently undergoing testing in the air. ( More...

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royalbfh 2
how long does it take to charge? i know my boss has a Tesla and it takes a while to charge, even with the super charger. so are they going to have so many of these things sitting around so one can be in use while another one is charging?
sparkie624 2
LOL... Keep in mind that thing has 6 Electric Motors. 4 for Live, to for forward motion... That is going to be a lot of batteries and very heavy! To say the least.

linbb 2
And each fast charging station takes KWs many more than some places can supply.
sparkie624 2
These people are braver than I am... So now we have an electric plan that can fly 4 hours and take 12 hours to charge! Work out the cost of the Batteries and also the Cost of Electricity to charge them.. This is a no brainer... I will never get on one of those things, LOL.. I can see now you fly for 4 hours, Leave at 8 in the morning, Park and have a generator to come out to charge you for 8 hours running more diesel fuel, plus the other costs of the generator so that you can save gas, when you could have been at your destination hours ago...
tlfys1 5
Gotta agree, although it's coming some day, it's no where close to replacing fossil fuels.
sparkie624 2
LOL... Not like they can open a Fuel Cap and fill it up....
Michael Yentzer 2
All electric aircraft with out onboard fossil fueled generators is a fanasty other then for Joy rides of very nich needs. Fossil Fueled Aircraft as today will be with us for at least the next 100 yrs and I can see Methane and Hydrogen becoming part of the Fuel mix especially for Suborbital and very low earth orbital flights, New York to Tokyo or London to Sydney. When someone builds a drown with a Gas Turbine Generator powering 4+ electric motor Ducked Fans then maybe we have a passanger DRone that will will make it into the interCity taxi service. Only an Elon Musk type will have the foresight to develop such a Aircraft during this silliness of a Green Energy future. The only real reliable renewable fuel is Hydrogen or Methane produced by decaying waste and there is no enough of that yet.
Roy Hunte 1
Even less decaying waste available when governments are also trying to get zero landfill waste to happen. People are weird.
sparkie624 1
Yes and No.. You can set up a Wind or Solar Farm for them... you could easily get one fully charged and ready to go in a Day or so after a 4 Hour Flight.. It is not an issues as if they can do it, the real issue is how much down time do they have to have between Refuelings/charges vs Actual Flight time... Like I saw a Joke that aimed at Tesla (When you run out of battery on the Interstate do you go get a bucket of Electricity! :)
linbb 2
The large problem you missed by a mile is how much payload will it carry? I questioned the Beaver electric video with the outfit building it. They gave a real hazy answer to it as the floats were two thirds in the water, take off was very long. Turned out that failed as there was no payload room other than the pilot. The same result for the Cessna 208 AC that died the same death. The rumored electectric commuter airliner in Arlington WA still has not done anything. Short answer on this thing is the same as those I listed. Have been around aircraft all my life and worked on light AC years back.
sparkie624 2
I Did not miss it... It may not be in my post above, but look at my other post below: "hat is going to be a lot of batteries and very heavy! To say the least." I just did not want to double up!


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