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White House Warns Mask Mandate Extension "Absolutely On The Table"

The US White House is warning any removal of the public transportation mask mandate isn't decided and could go either way. ( More...

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Greg S 4
On my flight yesterday everybody was masked but half the people had their masks pulled down under their nose or even under their mouth 90% of the time. It's a charade now, pure theater.
bbabis 4
Always was a charade.
k1121j 17
How long can they find a reason to drag this out; #rolleyes
for as long as they can CONvince the sheep they are in danger.....

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Silent Bob 10 then? As of April 10 the data for the US shows 518 new cases and 7 deaths. The 7 day average for the entire country is 23,000 cases and 377 deaths. Just for reference, in 2020 over 42,000 people died in falls at home or work. That averages out to 115 per day.

You have to have noticed that no one in government or media has talked about covid deaths in months. All we hear about now is "cases". Why? Because hospitalizations and deaths have remained at pandemic lows while "cases" have spiked up and down. The vaccines are working, natural immunity is working, and as predicted new variants are proving to be no more deadly than their predecessors.

Geoff Rowe 21
Bad news for you. People get sick all the time so yes, this madness needs to end now. Even the flying professionals are saying that.
Muchits 7
People will continue getting sick forever....that won't stop. Time to start living with it and move on.
JJ Johnson 19
Democrats thrive on control and hypocrisy. I will not fly again until the mask mandate is lifted. Not one mile or dime spent. As far as I am concerned, all this nonsense ended during the Super Bowl and State of the Union. It's over.

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EMK69 3
Let me ponder that question...if I were in control.........Hmmmmmmmmmm
1. Mask would be optional
2. Restraint systems in vehicles would be optional (you want to kill yourself go ahead)
3. A inflight scanner just prior to boarding would be placed at gates instead of families dropping and kissing loved ones at the airport doors.
4. Mandatory bicycle helmets on kids would be optional (Law Enforcement is busy enough w/o stopping an 8-year-old and issuing a ticket because we made mandatory laws.)
5. Sex education in schools would be banned, I don't need a stranger teaching my child about sex education.

I believe the list goes on and on.............and in almost 99% of the cases the keywords are optional and freedom of choice.
joseph muro 1
What is an “in flight scanner” prior to boarding?
Am I missing something?
bbabis 1
Absolutely not! That is why we are so upset with the practice.
C172Rpilot 3
The flight attendants are sick of it. The pilots are tired of it. The CEOs of the airlines are pleading for this insanity to stop. Flight attendants are tired of being the airline police. We as passengers are done with it. It makes air-traveling miserable. There is absolutely no science written to be continuing with this charade This is all about control from a worthless administration, the worst on record.


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