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IATA has no plans to expel Russian airlines

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) appears to have no immediate plans to expel Russian and Belarusian from the association. IATA which is made up of 290 airlines in 120 countries and supports 82% of the total available seat miles, the agency supports… ( More...

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Juan Jimenez 5
Meh. That's meaningless when the Russian airlines are banned from EU and North American airspace and can't get parts or service for their aircraft, which is going to eventually ground them anyway.
mary susan watkins 5
it is more than obvious, that since there is a russian member on the IATA board,and expulsion requires a total agreement by board members,that this will not happen..carriers have the right to suspend their own operations into certain areas or airports,and many airlines and countires have already said no to ticketing or accepting the russian national airline,aeroflot...
ADXbear 12
Sick, it says they side with Russia because they have a board member.. this is shameful and disgusting.
Steve Ackerman 6
IATA supports Russia. Glory to Ukraine, Death to Putin. IATA SUCKS!
KoolerKT 5
Shame on them.
dnorthern 8
US carriers should drop their association with IATA.

IATA is an enabler
EMK69 7
Agreed, sadly they won't.
Roy Hunte 2
Air Koryo also is a Member of IATA. They have been for many years.
Mark Jenkins 3
It is possible that the IATA not expelling Russian airlines leaves open an avenue for the restoration of relations once the Ukraine issue is worked out (hopefully in favor of retaining Ukraine as an independent sovereign nation from my point of view). Don't sanctions work better when they can escalated over time until parties are forced to the negotiating table? Cutting off all relationships might do more harm than good. What undesirable benefits are there to Russia remaining a member of the IATA while sanctions that hurt are levied in other ways?
Michael Cavallo 1
Maybe the Russian board member should be censured if they cannot be impartial?
Impartial mean doing what's best for ALL.
Stephen Donnelly 0
What a crock.


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