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American Airlines plane damaged by passenger at Honduran airport; who reportedly broke into cockpit

A passenger caused a ruckus and a flight delay at a Honduran airport Tuesday when he opened the flight deck and damaged an American Airlines plane extensively, the airline said. Flight 488 was scheduled to depart from San Pedro Sula to Miami but was delayed after the chaotic incident. ( More...

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Silent Bob 11
Could you describe the ruckus sir?
mariofer 2
LOL. Classic movie.
D. W. 7
On a side-note (it's Friday; one can be picky on Fridays): why the semi-colon?
First Last 4
Or, if it was during boarding, and no breaking into was involved, “passenger enters cockpit.” No semicolons involved!
First Last 1
Passenger in Honduras breaks into cockpit and damages AA aircraft.
John D 3
I am presuming this event occurred prior to the closing of the flight deck door. Another report I saw stated the flight was preparing to take off. As I read it, the plane preparing to take off had taxied to the end of the runway.
Seems it's more likely this happened while the jet was at the gate.
Anyone know?
30west 4
You can see from the video that the jet was at the gate, ground power cord still attached and the forward cargo door open.
John D 4
Clearly D Rotten has his troll on. I thought they picked up all the Oath guys yesterday. Must have missed one.
On point!
Interesting to note that there is no mention of the nationality of the offender. Could be an American and therefore the racist comments below are worth even less that in thir original form
D Rotten -3
NOT an AMERICAN!! Did you not see the video of him hanging out of the cockpit window......screaming, in what sounded, spanish?!?!
John D 4
Because no American speaks Spanish….
Thank you. I believe he is appropriately named
Mike Williams 1
HIGH SECURITY so they say?
John D 1
So, if these cockpit doors are supposed to be hardened,, HTF did he “break in”?
Jeff Smith 0
Just to lazy to walk to the southern border like everyone else. Who does he think he is?

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jeff slack 20
'only in a 3rd world country' ? Hmmm, incidents on commercial aircraft in the USA happen with such regularity that I suppose according to your statement we now should consider the USA a third world country.
21voyageur 11
Agree. The USA is replete with bizarre, dangerous, and ultimately selfish activities by pax who believe that they are "privileged" and may do as they please simply because they are American and cannot be told, what to do. IMO, the pandemic has exposed a cultural flaw and the sheen is off the USA.
The USA is headed that way ("Third world" I fear

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btweston 8
^ I found this guy on the internet.
What a stupid comment. Illegal immigrants are unlikely to be taking a flight on a commercial aircraft in the first place and as far as I know there is no requirement in the USA for anybody to get a Covid 19 vaccination as sensible as it is to do so. Not sure why this is "the plan of the Dems". What an idiot. Defaming the good reputation of pilots with these comments.
D Rotten -6
Actually, they ARE being FLOW IN! And those who enter ON FOOT, are, INDEED, being FLOWN (FREE Taxpayer Expense)....ALL OVER this country. A Fact is a Fact is a FACT!
Rosomak -2
He can say "Let's go Brandon" all
day long.
He can wear it on his arse,
paint it on his truck or tattoo it on his forehead.
I don't care.
Because "Brandon" told the former
guy to shut up on national TV.
Then he took his job.
His house
And his Twitter account.

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John D 13
Inflation was predicted while Trump was still President. It's not a big stretch to understand how basic economics work. Shut an economy down, you get deflation, ramp an economy back up, especially as fast as it happended here and the rest of the world, you get inflation. Add in world-wide supply and worker issues, you arrive where we are. Same thing would have happened regardless of who was elected.
The US is not the only country in the grips of inflation
21voyageur 13
WHAT ! ! ! WHAT ! ! ! A common sense and sane message on this site?
David Beattie 6
Amazing what short memories American’s have. Of course gas was cheap in 2020! Everyone was hunkered down at home hoarding toilet paper, unemployment was 14.8% and deaths from COVID were equal to those lost in the 9-11 attack every day. Oh, the good old days! So now, unemployment is at close to record lows, airlines are no longer teetering on the edge of default, personal income, spending and GDP are all higher but that dollar candy bar now costs a dollar and seven cents. I’ll take that over 2020. The best way to fight inflation is to raise the Fed rate which is imminent. This will cause the stock market to fall and the cost of your home mortgage to go up. This will give the “good ole days” folks something new to gripe about. Personally, I just did a cash-out refi of my home for 2.55%. This won’t last but it shouldn’t. Over the last 50 years, home mortgages have averaged 6-8%.
John D 2
We bought our first place in the late 80's and had an interest rate close to 11% and we thought we were getting a deal!
thegrump 6
Inflation, like lung cancer, is typically a result of earlier actions. But if you think oncologists cause cancer, I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise
Tom, your friend already made you the laughingstock,sic, of the world .
D Rotten -2
The United States IS a 3rd World S-HOLE!! Due to CORRUPT, CRIMINAL politicians and.....the INVASION of the 3rd World.
You know the US is now a third world country thanks to President Brandon, hence you suppose correctly
John D 6
Another who peaked in 8th grade
Isaac Padilla -1
Aren't all flights from Latin America free? Maybe he was charged for his ticket.


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