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Aircraft loading bridge collapses at YVR, no injuries

A flight leaving Vancouver International Airport had to change gates Saturday after an aircraft loading bridge from the terminal to the parked jet collapsed. ( More...

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Tim Dyck 3
Lucky no one was hurt. Thankfully aircraft are maintained better then these loading bridges.
Roy Hunte 2
Or so we hope......
mbrews 2
In the pic, the collapsed bridge section resembles a collapsed accordion.

Playing a sad-looking tune for a while. Luckily, no injuries.
Willie Gavinchuk 2
As long as the airlines can sell cargo space in the belly, you will have to accept the clowns and their carry-on.
sharon bias 2
I thought the comments were sort of weird. Of course the plane is going to have to use another gate. It's a darn high jump to go from the ground to the aircraft door.....especially with all the carry on luggage people have.
Tim Dyck 5
Carry on luggage is another subject but one the airlines need to address. I carry my one bag that fits regulation size and often find the luggage racks are full from people who have many bags and some that are obviously way too big for carry on. I have long legs so putting a bag under the seat in front of me is not an option. Airlines need to start policing the carry on.
Jim Mitchell 5
Agree 100% Tim. Just flew from Halifax to Toronto on an Air Canada A220. Saw a guy carrying three pieces of luggage get on the plane. I wonder some time about the weight of this stuff.
bentwing60 -1
"The collapsed bridge will be out of service until further notice." To whom?



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