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Las Vegas airport renamed in honor of Harry Reid

As of Tuesday, December 14, some travelers going to Las Vegas may notice a change in their itineraries. That day, the airport formerly known as McCarran International Airport is set to become Harry Reid International Airport. Its FAA code, LAS, will stay the same. ( Plus d'info...

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Mike Boote 6
I live in Las Vegas. When they decided to do this, it was met with a collective eye-roll. What a waste of money. The group that did this started out saying that no one knew where they were going when it said McCarran International Airport. So they changed the name to Harry Reid. Yep - NOW EVERYONE will know where they're going. Sheesh!
houseofgold 5
One more time, the airport should be Las Vegas, the Terminal should me what ever they want
Ben Bosley 4
Why are we naming airports after politicians anyway. Name them after local community members that contributed to aviation in some way.
houseofgold 2
Not airport, that is a city, name the terminal after whomever
avionik99 3
This is just the most stupid idea ever! Then what in a few years we find this guy used the "N" word when he was 12 and we need to rename it again?
dardav 1
sounds like a clumsy ass
bentwing60 1
Sacrilege to the once but shifting values of this Country and an affront to the original namesake!

"Dirty Harry" was Not just a movie series and film noir. Old Clint Eastwood might say the real 'Dirty Harry' is far overdue for some discovery, sunlight and accountability.

Not likely in either case, but, somewhat akin to when I started flight training in 1978, I couldn't even imagine a pleasant night flight at 450' in a Lear 25 in a front seat. And then it happened. Oh, you know, The stuff that dreams occasionally become. Cheers from 450'.
btweston 3
“ McCarran's career in the Senate was marked by his ardent anti-communism and antisemitism…”

Sounds swell.
Scott Wiggins 0
Scumbag Reid will be remembered by no one no matter how many times they put his putrid name out there. This is just more of bolsheviks in Washington trying to change our history.
Pa Thomas 0
Ok, boomers.
houseofgold 1
Boomer Schmoomer :)

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