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This Could Be the Future of First Class Airplane Travel

First class is on its way out at many airlines, as business class seats and mini-suites become larger, more private and more luxurious -- and fewer budgets stretch to adding on what might be an extra zero on the price tag for first class. ( Plus d'info...

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Michael Yentzer 4
To those who can afford 1st class it is the only way to travel commercially. Especially if you can get it at Cruise line discounts. Yes, if you check into Cruise lines the air fare can be included in the Cruise package including Up grading to utlra First Class at a major discount add on. I the last time I flew to pick up a cruise ship the Pod for 1st class with my cruise package was slightly less then my cruise Cabin price. FRom Orlando to Tokyo and Vancouver to Orlando. Cruise package was $3500 and Airfare was about $3400+. Per Person Rate. Great way to travel in a pod. 1st on 1st off and a bed too. Delta
Cleffer 3
Airline Bed & Breakfast is right around the corner.
ADXbear 0
Disgusting.. if you can afford this, go fly private.. people really don't want to see wealth like this flaunted in their face..
jeff slack 3
Your statement is more a reflection of your own inability to accept your own disappointment in yourself.
Everyone gets the same opportunity to succeed and everyone gets choices; turn right or turn left.

Jealousy is a curse.

I am NOT wealthy but I work super hard to be able to turn left every time I enter a jet.
I enjoy the privilege of the many extra hours at work that can bring me.
I do not look down on those that turn right; that is their choice.

I scrimp a bit on Hotels (no I will not stay with family and friends) to help pay for the premium seat in the air; I do not stay at the Ritz but Courtyard by Mariott is suitably priced and sufficient.

Think hard about your statement and consider a country to live in where everyone is the same regardless.

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